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Britton on Alualu


OT Eben Britton's comments on the drafting of DT Tyson Alualu.

(on how he did against Tyson Alualu of Cal while he played at Arizona) "I beat him two out of my three years playing those guys. Tyson was always one of those guys that stood out to me with a real high motor and I think that is a great quality in a defensive lineman. He was always very active, one of the guys you always had to account for. As a football player, he's one of those guys you always have to have an eye on. He's always going to be sniffing at the ball and making plays around the field."

(on if he had to block Alualu one-on-one) "Cal moved their defensive linemen around a lot. He wasn't a guy I was going up against every single play. Maybe in 70 snaps a game, I might have gotten him 10 times. I went up enough against him in three years to know what he was like as a football player. In the last three years I was there, he was never one of the guys that was a headliner, but he was a guy that makes plays on the football field and that's the most important thing in the game of football. A name will only take you so far, but your actual ability and play on the field is what really counts."

(on if Alualu will feel added pressure due to being selected ahead of Florida quarterback and Jacksonville native Tim Tebow) "I don't know. I wasn't even picked in the first round. There's going to be a lot of pressure with that; just being a first-round pick there is a lot of pressure that comes along with that, a lot of expectations. I don't know the guy (Alualu) personally but knowing his demeanor on the football field, he seems like a very humble guy. He wasn't a guy that said a whole lot but a guy that did a lot with his play. I think he will handle it well. Sure, a lot of fans wanted (Tebow), but at the end of the day it's Gene's (Smith) decision and he obviously saw a lot of great things in Tyson. I think he will be really excited to display all his abilities when he throws the pads on in August. There are always a ton of expectations and I think every player coming from college wants to prove their worth coming into the NFL. I don't think it will be any different with Tyson."

(on if he meant Arizona won two of three games against Cal during his career) "I won two out of three games against them. Cal was one of the best teams in the Pac-10 in the three years I played. It was a battle both times we beat them. My redshirt freshman year the final was 20-17 and it was like a last-minute win. My sophomore year they actually destroyed us up in Berkeley. We had them at home my last year and going into halftime I think the score was 28-7 and we were able to come back and beat them 42-28 or something like that. It was always a battle with those guys. They are tough as nails up there at Cal. Don't let all that academic stuff fool you. It was always a battle."

(on if someone would have graded the film of him against Tyson, how would they have graded it?) "I hope they say I won out. I don't know. I can't say that I had enough plays against him to say who won that battle. Three weeks out of my college career we studied film on Cal and every year number 44, Tyson Alualu, was a guy we always had our eye on. He was a guy you always prepared for. He's got great ability. He has an incredible high motor. He's a great football player all the way around. He is one of those guys that every year I played him, he was the guy you had to watch on their defense. As far as I am concerned, he deserves to go where he went. That's all I have to say about it."

(on if he thought Tyson Alualu was a future first-rounder when he played against him) "On the field, it didn't matter to me who a guy was. But that was one guy in the Pac-10 that I was like, 'this guy is a player.' There are a lot of guys that you hear about, people drooling over this USC player or that USC player then you get on the field with them. It's nothing against USC. Obviously they have a lot of great players but that is kind of the generalization. You hear about guys from USC all the time and that's just an example. You get on the field with these guys and this guy isn't really what I have heard him built up to be, but going against a guy like Tyson you are like, 'man, this guy is the real deal.' Defensive line is an interesting position where the best defensive linemen are not only the strongest or fastest guy. It's always the guy with the highest motor who's a smart player able to use his hands. It's a different dynamic I think, than I think what people consider it to be."

(on if he was at the Jaguars Draft Party last night and if he recalled the reaction among the fans) "I hadn't heard his name mentioned much. Honestly, I try not to watch ESPN as much as I can because there is just so much I don't agree with. To me it seems to be hogwash. When I heard the pick I understood. It made sense to me. He really is a high motor, high intensity player. When you throw on the film you see a guy beating guys all over the place. He's all over the football field. The first impression you get with a guy like Tyson is, 'man this guy knows how to use his hands, he knows how to shed blockers, he knows how to get to the football.' It made sense to me. Honestly I was surprised because I hadn't heard his name. In the last year, I have not paid attention to anything except for the season I had in front of me and what was going on for me. It made sense when I looked at it."

(on if he spent the rest of the night trying to sell fans on Tyson Alualu) "There was maybe one or two fans that hadn't heard of him. I said, 'Hey man, the guy is a good football player. I played against him for three years and he's going to make you proud.' Not many fans had much to say. I don't know what they were expecting. I guess like you said, Tim Tebow. There wasn't much to explain. It was what it was."

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