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Darryl Smith transcript


(on what his reaction was to being drafted by the Jaguars) "I was just overwhelmed. I was sitting down waiting and I got the call and I am very excited about being a Jaguar. I'm only three hours away from Jacksonville, so I can't wait to come down."

(where do you live?) "I'm from Albany, Georgia, which is only three hours away."

(on where you were selected) "I can't tell anyone where to draft me. I am just happy. I waited patiently and thought everything would work out and it did."

(on helping yourself during the Senior Bowl) "I think I had a pretty good week. I think it helped me out as far as coaches looking at me and getting me noticed."

(was the elbow the only injury in college?) "Yes, that was the only time I missed a game. I missed three games that season."

(on being heavily recruited) "Yes, I was. I think Georgia Tech offered the most for me in overall perspective. It's a great academic institute and there was a chance for me to play early."

(on the run of Tech linebackers with Kenyaro Fox) "In the past we've had Keith Brooking and we try to keep with tradition and play physical. We just have good linebackers."

(where did you play in college?) "I played middle linebacker in college. I played outside at the beginning of my career here and then I moved to the middle for my final three years."

(on the Jaguars planning on playing you on the outside) "It doesn't matter, I can play both."

(do you expect to start?) "I am looking to come in and do whatever I can do, wherever I can do it."

(on being a Jaguars fan) "I do watch the Jaguars. Jacksonville is close to home and my parents can jump into the car and come down and see me."

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