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Jack Del Rio on Vincent Manuwai


(what position will Vincent Manuwai play?) "Guard."

(left guard?) "Probably."

(will he start at left guard?) "If he earns it, yes. I know it's kind of coach speak, but bottom line we're going to play the best 11 guys. We're going to make it competitive at all positions. Obviously, we took him because we thought he has the ability to be a starter. We're going to give him every opportunity to earn that job."

(on the second day of the draft) "We're not done acquiring players. We're going to continue to build the roster. It'll be a competitive situation across the board."

(does drafting Manuwai guarantee Brad Meester will move to center?) "No, there's no guarantee, but I think you can say he'll start at center at our next minicamp on Friday."

(did Meester perform well at center the last minicamp?) "He did very well. He's a very intelligent player. We like him as a player. Coach (Paul) Boudreau was very excited about his intelligence, about his leverage, about his quickness. So he had a good camp first time around and we're hoping it continues to go upward from there."

(is it possible to pick a sleeper wide receiver tomorrow?) "It's possible. If we had three picks in the first eight, we would have been able to get Andre Johnson or Charlie Rogers, a quarterback and a corner. You could go down and just pick all the top guys off the board. But it just doesn't work that way. We're happy with the way things have worked out today. Like James Harris has said before, we recognize the fact that we have a large wish list and will be able to fill some of it. We'll continue to work and compete and do the best job we can at making this roster as strong as possible."

(on expanding on James Harris' comment of 'can't do it all in one year') "You can't do it all at once. You just can't. It may not be exciting to hear, but bottom line is you do the best you can where you can and when you can and continue to move forward."

(did you talk to Mark Brunell today?) "I did not."

(is guard a position a first-year player can grasp quickly?) "No. I think probably the easiest one is defensive line. Probably the next might be running back, because you can just toss them the ball and avoid things and where he doesn't have to do a whole lot of blocking. I think most of the other positions require learning the system, thinking and working together with people on the unit. So it just depends on the guy. How committed he is to coming in and learning hard and accepting the coaching and working at it. Some guys are driven. They're not going to allow themselves not to have a chance to be out there on Sunday, and others aren't as driven. We are identifying people we think are going to come in here with the right mentality to challenge for jobs, but it's up to them to earn the job."

(with Terrell Suggs being a productive player, was he a temptation to draft?) "No, not at that point. We didn't' sit and deliberate on the pick. We like the player and obviously we sat around and talked about that for weeks leading up to the draft. So when we hit today, draft day Saturday, we were not going to sit in there and deliberate over what our choices were going to be. I can tell you this, James Harris is a treat to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge. I think he does a tremendous job. He's detailed-oriented. He's fun to be around. Everybody works hard in the league. We're working hard and having fun. Because of his experience and wisdom in dealing with the draft, we have covered so many scenarios that may or may not come up going up into this draft, and I slept like a baby last night knowing we were prepared to handle whatever came at us, and a large part of that credit has to go to Shack."

(on not having any counterpoints with the first three picks) "We're always talking and challenging each other. That's part of the process. We gather information from scouts, coaches. The whole time we're going through information. I'm just saying that Harris has done a great job of addressing all of the things that were likely to come up and we covered them prior to today. So I wanted to give him a lot of credit for how smooth it's gone today."

(on Manuwai) "The only thing we had to do was resist going up because we really liked the player. We just decided that it was best for us to stay pat and hope for the best. There were several guys there. He was the clear favorite out of the group for us. We were content that if it did go by him, we still were legal. We had guys that we liked there, but he was easy for us to take."

(were you more anxious than Harris to trade up?) "No."

(will you continue the restructure negotiations with Mark Brunell?) "We'll have to talk about that. We've spent time on it and I honestly can not give you the answer to that question. We will have to reevaluate where we're at and decide if that's in the best interest of this organization."

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