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Jaguars move up


The following is Vic Ketchman's power rankings of NFL teams for week four of the 2004 regular season.

1. Philadelphia (3-0)—Eagles in full flight.

2. New England (2-0)—Coming off bye week.

3. Minnesota (2-1)—What an offense.

4. Seattle (3-0)—Impressive win over 49ers.

5. Atlanta (3-0)—Do Falcons have a defense, too?

6. New Orleans (2-1)—Maybe Saints won't disappoint.

7. Denver (2-1)—Back on track.

8. Jacksonville (3-0)—We find out this Sunday.

9. Indianapolis (2-1)—Can tie for division lead.

10. Carolina (1-1)—Rested, ready to roll.

11. Baltimore (2-1)—Ravens looking good.

12. NY Jets (2-0)—Miami dead ahead.

13. Pittsburgh (2-1)—Won on road with rookie.

14. Dallas (2-1))—Cowboys in bye week.

15. Oakland (2-1)—Kerry Collins at the helm.

16. NY Giants (2-1)—No complaints now, huh?

17. Detroit (2-1)—Not ready for the big boys.

18. Green Bay (1-2)—Disgraceful defense.

19. Cleveland (1-2)—Should get a win over Redskins.

20. Tennessee (1-2)—Look out below!

21. St. Louis (1-2)—Could be falling.

22. Houston (1-2)—Rousing win in KC.

23. Cincinnati (1-2)—Should've made move at QB last year.

24. Chicago (1-2)—Another long season.

25. Buffalo (0-2)—Better than their record.

26. Washington (1-2)—This is a sad story.

27. San Diego (1-2)—Playing better.

28. Kansas City (0-3)—Winless and headed to Baltimore.

29. Miami (0-3)—No light in sight.

30. Tampa Bay (0-3)—Who will they beat?

31. Arizona (0-3)—They'll beat somebody.

32. San Francisco (0-3)—Imagine that, the worst.

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