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James Harris on day one


(overview of day one of the draft) "We're happy with what we did today. If you include what we did in free agency in terms of getting a safety, getting a couple additional linebackers on defense (we're happy with that), getting the two corners, we think we've created some competition on defense. Offensively, getting a receiver and getting a running back who can play both positions. If an injury comes up, he can play running back, and he can play fullback. So, we feel we helped our team and helped our roster and we feel we created some competition on the roster. We also got the offensive linemen, the tackle and guard. We got three cornerbacks and some guys who can play special teams, like Todd Yoder and those linebackers."

(ESPN reporter that Jimmy Smith was offered for a second round draft pick – is that true?) "I never got that call. The call never made it to me."

(is the team better now than it was at the end of last season?) "I think we upgraded the team and the roster by the moves we made. We feel we have upgraded the roster."

(how will you approach the second day of the draft?) "We will look more at need on the back end of the draft. We also realize some of the picks we're making now will be more challenged to make the team. So we'll look at giving ourselves two and three options, hoping that one or two of those players can come up and be productive and surprise us. So we'll look at some of those kinds of things, maybe give ourselves another option somewhere based on need as long as the player is relatively close to the area we're selecting."

(did you have any opportunity to trade up in the first round?) "We were talking to teams that would have put us higher in the first rounds, but we never got to the point where we felt we had a deal."

(what would it have cost you?) "I'm not going to go into what it would have cost us to move up, but we did negotiate."

(on Dennis Green saying he was worried we were trading with Oakland) "No, I didn't hear that. We never got close to a deal with them."

(why didn't you trade with Detroit to get to number 7 in the first round?) "Detroit had no interest in moving out of seven."

(did Detroit list Roy Williams as number on one their board?) "I think to move out, Roy Williams had to be one of the two guys that they had in mind because they didn't go back any further than seven."

(were any of the top eight players picked not in your mock draft?) "Without telling you exactly how we had it, I'll say it was relatively close to how we had it. I know all the guys we targeted, we knew we would need to go up to probably get the guys that were the highest on our board and we realized if that didn't happen, that Reggie Williams was a choice that we felt was the best player when we got to nine."

(could you trade down two or four spots and still get Reggie Williams?) "We didn't have that option. We listened to some calls and there were some scrimmages, but that option never… We were talking about it but it got to the point of how far we go back, what teams are willing to pay and the risk of losing him, he was our third guy at a need position, we just decided at that time it was best to take Reggie Williams."

(because you didn't draft a premier pass rusher, will Tony Brackens be resigned?) "We've always kept the door opened and entertained, talking to Tony. Right now we're still in the same position."

(will you take a kicker in the sixth round?) "We will still consider it depending on who's there."

(do you anticipate any trades in day two?) "We'll leave all our options open. We'll go and review it and leave all our options open whether to go up or down, just how valuable the pick is."

(were there any thoughts of picking Darnell Docket to help rotate with John Henderson and Marcus Stroud?) "We weren't moving up. At that point we decided not to."

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