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James Harris on Derrick Harvey


(on the move up to get Derrick Harvey) "He is a defensive end that can play both the run and the pass. He has been a good pass rusher as a junior and has the ability to rush the passer. For us, he can play both the run and the pass. He is not a situational player. He is a good caliber guy. He has been a captain in both high school and in college. He will be a good addition to our team."

(on Harvey being an impact pass rusher) "We think he is excellent at disrupting the quarterback, but he is also a good run defender. He plays hard, he hustles, so we thought he would be a tremendous addition to our football team."

(on moving to the eighth spot) "That was a spot that we could land. We weren't sure where else we could land to get our player without giving him up. Where we are now, we aren't sure certain players can make our team and looking at the draft, we decided to go after the guy that we thought could really contribute and we had a void (at defensive end). We thought it was a good fit for us."

(what was the trade?) "We are giving up two threes and a four, (and) our first to switch firsts."

(did Baltimore get enough for the pick?) "We both felt that it was a reasonable trade. Sometimes you can't always stay with the chart. You have to decide what is in the best interest for your team."

(who made the initial contact?) "We are talking all the time. Ozzie (Newsome) and I had been talking and one thing led to another. There was no real indication that we could get that high."

(did you feel you had to get that high to get Harvey or could you have waited until around 13th or 14th pick?) "He is a defensive lineman and they can go at any time or place. If we wait until the thirteenth pick, then we may miss him, but we had him valued right in there. We had him valued right in there with the guys that went around then. It was not a reach in our board."

(what group was that?) "You always have a group of guys that you have rated pretty similar."

(on whether Baltimore tried to get the second round pick) "There is always negotiation that goes into completing a trade, so it was business as usual."

(on keeping the second round pick) "We feel keeping the second round pick and where we are now, depending on who's there and the way we look now, we are not sure the two thirds would make the team and certainly the fourth."

(on the intangibles about Harvey) "The kind of football we play; we play tough, hard-nosed football, and he is one of those players. He plays hard and you know what you are getting – a hard-playing guy that is tough and can play the run and the pass. He is an every-down player."

(when did you start talking to Baltimore?) "We have been talking to different teams all week. You are talking to try to find out what everyone is thinking and where players are going to go. You are letting teams be aware if you are coming back. You do that all week, it's not just a today thing. Once you get close, teams start to focus in on where they want to go."

(how did you convince Baltimore to take less than the points chart?) "There are so many different charts now. I wouldn't say that it was a points-value thing. I think we both made a good deal. It wasn't a situation that we won on points or anything like that. We had a player we wanted and we wanted to go get him. It wasn't about winning on points. We thought it was a good deal. There is no longer one chart. Now teams have multiple charts. Their chart could be many points away. At one time there was only one chart."

(would you have given up your entire draft for this pick?) "I would never say you should give up your entire draft. You are never going to give up your whole draft. I would not say that."

(on the impact of the New England playoff game) "This is more evaluating our team and seeing what we can strengthen. When you look at our team, we could use another defensive end. Reggie Hayward is coming off injury and (Paul) Spicer is coming off a big year. We have some young guys, some undersized guys, we felt like we needed a defensive end. You always want to get additional pass rush and improve in that area."

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