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James Harris on Reggie Williams


(when watching tape on Reggie Williams, what was it about him that jumped out at you?) "The thing we liked about Reggie was ever since he came to the University of Washington, this has been a dominant player since day one. He's had five touchdowns over 70 yards. He's been able to make big plays. He's a big receiver, 6'4", 225 pounds. He can work underneath. He's tough. He's durable. He started 37 consecutive games. When you look at him, you're getting a solid productive player with size and speed. When we started going into this draft, we were looking for a playmaker. He's a guy who can score five touchdowns over 70 yards – he fits that category."

(was this pick more about getting a playmaker and how much was it about Kenechi Udeze's medical concerns?) "When you come down to it and we do all of our research and all of our evaluations, we have several players graded similar. When we came down to it, we felt the best player and the best player for us in that group was Reggie Williams."

(did concerns about Udeze's shoulder player into your decision?) "It was a part of it, but in spite of that we felt the best pick for us was Reggie Williams."

(what is Williams' best 40 time?) "4.49. Each time he ran three times and each time he ran faster. Some people will have different speed times on him. Reggie is a guy who has the ability to go deep. He picks up speed as he goes as well."

(how close were you to trading up?) "We were involved in some trade talk, both up and back. We never got anything worked out to our liking. We were prepared to pick."

(did Buffalo or Pittsburgh make any offers to move up?) "People always throw out things. Many times it's not something that you're willing to take. So, we were in those discussions but never anything concrete and nothing to the point where we were willing to risk losing Reggie Williams to go back. It would have to have been something enticing. This was our next player on the board and to go back too far and not have something enticing, to go back and not get a pick some place in the first day that could really help us, just to get another pick to go back, we were not interested in that."

(how serious were talks with Detroit?) "Like us, Detroit was calling everybody. Certainly we called. Cleveland was ahead of us and didn't want to come back too many spots to get their guy. So Cleveland had an advantage over us. I'm not going to get into the details of the discussion. We did have a discussion with them. It didn't work out and we're satisfied with the player we picked."

(were there any indications that other teams wanted Reggie Williams?) "We knew on most boards he was the next receiver. With this group of receivers, at some point there will be a run on them and we thought there may be some separation between him and the group behind him. We didn't want to risk losing him and going back too far."

(???) "We did our research and what's really more important to us is who goes rather than what team picks them. We knew that he was one of the players that was going to go ahead of us. We just didn't know where."

(after Cleveland picked Kellen Winslow, did you think ??? was going to fall to you?) "No. We realized that a certain number of players would not get to us."

(are you talking trades for Donovin Darius this weekend?) "We're prepared to play with Donovin Darius. We like Donovin. It's not a situation where we don't like Donovin. We like Donovin as a player."

(which teams did you think would also take Williams?) "I don't know if it's so much which team or just revealing that at this time, we just realized he was the next receiver on the board. We realize going back, the farther we go back the more we risk. For people to trade up, it has to have a certain value. But we were happy with Reggie and prepared to take him. It wasn't a situation where we felt we had to go back. We had our guy. We had a guy we were prepared to take."

(are you concerned about Williams being a holdout because of his agent?) "We'll deal with that at that time. Our concern at this time was getting the best player that we can get for this team, and we'll deal with that at the appropriate time."

(do you feel that the Williams pick was a reach?) "We feel if we had taken anybody over him, we would have been reaching down."

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