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Josh Scobee conference call transcript


(have you met Seth Marler?) "No, I've never met him before but I've followed his career as a college kicker."

(what are you thoughts about what the Jaguars will ask you to do when you come in?) "What I'm planning on doing right now is coming in and working as hard as I can and showing the Jaguars staff and coaches exactly what I can do. Show them how I can contribute to the team, most of all in kickoffs and field goals. So, I'm just going to come in and work as hard as I can."

(are kickoffs a good part of your game?) "Yes, I work on kickoffs a lot of my games. I do believe kickoffs are a strong point in my game."

(do you punt at all?) "I punted in high school. I never had an opportunity in college."

(are you aware of the Jaguars kicking history the last three years?) "I was aware of it last year. The two before that, I really wasn't."

(do you think it'll be difficult to convince the Jaguars to start you as a rookie kicker, based on the past two years experience with rookie kickers?) "I'm not going to compare myself to anyone that came before me. I'm just going to go in and be myself and do what I know I can do, and that's make field goals and kick long kickoffs."

(are you good at touchbacks?) "Yes."

(what is your percentage on touchbacks?) "This past year, I think it was right at 67%."

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