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LaBrandon Toefield conference call


(on why he chose to come out of school early) "It think it was the right decision for me. I talked it over with my family and my coaches and everyone was comfortable with me making the decision. I felt it was the right time, I was finally healthy at the end of the season and I just felt good about it."

(on his health) "My knee is 100 percent. I haven't had any problems with it. I can go out and do anything I want on it and it won't give me any problems."

(on the last time his knee was looked at) "When I went to the combine they checked it out and said it was great. They said if I didn't have the scars you wouldn't even know that I had hurt it. I had an excellent test on the sybex test where they test the knee to see how strong it is. So everything was great."

(on why he didn't go higher in the draft) "I don't know. Different people say different things. I was hearing the same things - that I had first or second round talent, but I might fall so it doesn't really matter. As long as I can make the team and go out and prove what I can do then that's fine with me."

(on the back-up running back role) "I understand what's going on. I've been watching Fred Taylor ever since he was a Florida and he's a great back and I like the way he runs. He kind of reminds me of myself we seem to have similar styles so I can accept that role of being the back up. I'm ready for the challenge and ready to step up in that back-up role and do whatever it takes to help the Jaguars win."

(on how much he was used in the passing game in college) "Not much. We had a guy that was the receiver type running back in Domanick Davis. I was more of the power guy."

(on the Jaguars interest in him) "It was a surprise that Jacksonville picked me because I don't think I even got a call from them. They called and asked for my draft day phone number but that was it."

(on his brothers playing football) "One of my brothers went to college in Mississippi and played, but he only played for two years."

(on Stacey Mack leaving the Jaguars) "I'm a big NFL fan so I knew that the Jaguars had lost Stacey and knew that they didn't have a back up when they drafted me. So I've been thinking about who the Jaguars have in front of me, but you know it really doesn't matter as long as you get a chance to go out play and do the best that you can and I think it will come to you."

(on knowing Elvis Joseph also from Louisiana) "I don't know him personally but I've seen him play."

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