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O-Zone: Just not sure

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

John from The Land of Indian River

O-Zone, other than quarterback what are the highest-dollar contracts in the NFL generally? It seems drafting and developing are now consistent to winning teams maintain high-level success. What position should teams keep drafting a rotation of young players?

This is tricky, because you don't as an NFL general manager simply say, "I'm going to sign the quarterback long-term and rotate the rest of the roster." You still want core players with at least five-to-six seasons experience at various positions. You ideally would have such a player or two on the offensive and defensive lines, and at safety and wide receiver. Minimum. But the highest-dollar players outside quarterback are often offensive line, defensive line and wide receiver. It's still a game about the passer, protecting the passer and rushing the passer. As far as how best to draft and develop … yeah, you want to make sure you draft and develop around the quarterback – and you ideally want to keep your high-priced free agents from other teams at a minimum. These typically go hand in hand. When you miss on a position in the draft one year, you often find yourself pursuing the position in free agency a season or two later. If you're in that cycle, you're trying to break it. If you're not in it, you're trying to stay out of it.

Al from Orange Park, FL

One of the national talking heads wrote that Jaguars fans would be thrilled to get former cornerback Jalen Ramsey back. Do you get the sense that is true? I, for one, wouldn't want him back to disease our locker room. It took too much effort to build the culture that we have to add what I consider to be a bad apple. What say ye?

I think a lot of Jaguars fans would be fine with Ramsey returning. I think a lot of fans wouldn't love it at all. Either way, I don't see it happening.

Jason from North Pole, AK

I don't remember much gnashing of teeth over Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' contract or any lengthy stalemate in negotiations. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is a unique situation where the team has cause for concern over his long-term health with his style of play. If Trevor continues to ascend into an elite player, I don't think him resetting the market will be an issue for anyone involved.

Perhaps not. Remember, though: Mahomes had been the NFL Most Valuable Player and the Super Bowl MVP when he signed his long-term extension Perhaps Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence will re-set the market. But Mahomes currently is the market. And unless a quarterback signs his second contract with a league and Super Bowl MVP to his credit, it makes sense for Mahomes to continue to set the market.

Jaghawk from Palatka, FL

KOAF, inaction by the commissioner's office on the Calvin Ridley reinstatement is making me squirm. What is the probability the Commissioner's office would announce Ridley's ban would extend into next season for a few games? Very nervous. The Cleveland Browns were without quarterback Deshaun Watson for 10 games.

Calvin Ridley, a wide receiver acquired by the Jaguars from the Atlanta Falcons last season, remains on the NFL suspension that kept him out last season. He has applied for reinstatement, and I wouldn't read anything into the "inaction" by the Commissioner's office over this. I expect there will be inaction until there's not and then he will be reinstated. I don't expect the commissioner's office will extend the suspension into the 2023 season.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

The NFL facilities report is kind of damning to the Jags. Jags ownership needs to step their game up.

The Jaguars and the city are building a state-of-the-art training facility and long-term plans/hopes are for a stadium upgrade.

Keith from Jacksonville

I apologize if this has already been asked in the past, but what exactly do teams look for between a slot corner and an outside corner?

You want a nickel corner to be a good tackler and therefore perhaps a bit more physical than an outside corner. You always want a nickel corner to have great field awareness and you ideally want him to be able to blitz. An outside corner can be a little more coverage-oriented than a nickel, though your nickel corner better be good in coverage these days.

David from Oviedo, FL

KOAF – If a player goes down and we need a center or guard … no problem, stick him in there, plug and play. Yet, unless someone gets injured, he's never given a starter's role? I think Tyler Shatley has played at a high level and has earned the title of starting left guard. Thoughts?

I think Shatley is a valued veteran who has done a remarkable job carving out a role and a niche to be the longest-tenured Jaguars player. That's not easy. I also think that without Shatley being reliable – and playing very well at left guard – the Jaguars likely wouldn't have made the playoffs in 2022. I don't expect Shatley to be the starting left guard entering next season. I expect that to be Ben Bartch or Walker Little. And I expect Shatley to still play a key role next season.

Lane from Winter Garden, FL

Dearest O: With the money that great quarterbacks demand these days, do you ever see a time coming where the NFL has a separate salary cap just for the quarterback? Or, fail that, a max contract for quarterback similar to the max contracts in the NBA? It would be good for the league if teams who draft a good quarterback would be able to not only keep him but also have a little extra money to support the guy.

The NFL's current salary-cap system has been in place for about three decades. The idea at least in part – and at least in theory – is to maintain as much competitive balance as possible. Having a separate salary cap or max contracts doesn't necessarily fit with that objective.

David from Orlando, FL

OZ – With his contract as is, what percentage chance is wide receiver/returner Jamal Agnew on the Jags' roster this season? For the record, I think the answer should be 100 percent!

I fully expect Agnew to be on the Jaguars' roster in 2023.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville

Wait a moment, I thought the rat issue was addressed when they traded cornerback Jalen Ramsey to Los Angeles? Guess it didn't work. Come on, you know you laughed at this a little.

We keep talking about being nice. This was not nice.

Richard from Jacksonville

Is this the chess match or the see-you-later portion of the Jawaan Taylor negotiations? I say it's the see you later. You let him go and it's draft and develop. You then keep your free-agent tight end. You didn't draft him and overall he's harder to replace in the draft. Never mess with touchdown-producing chemistry if you have to choose based on a financial decision. The front office gets it right again. This team may be a defensive liability for one more year but man are they are going to score next year.

This is the negotiation portion of the Jaguars' negotiation process with right tackle Jawaan Taylor, so in that sense it's the "chess match." While you confidently say not to mess with touchdown-producing chemistry, it's just as prudent to ensure you remain strong along the offensive line. Stay tuned.

Richard from Palm Bay, FL

Do you expect Arden Key to be on the Jaguars next season?

I'm not sure what to expect on this one. Key was one of the better front seven defensive players for the Jaguars last season. He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on the March 15 start of the 2023 NFL League Year. He has said he wants to return. The team wants to re-sign him. Stay tuned.

John from Jacksonville

Does Gero from Wenden, Germany know that SWAG is an acronym for Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess? I'll take talent over SWAG any day.

This references a recent O-Zone question/discussion about former Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II possibly rejoining the team as a backup. I'm not smart enough to know the definition of SWAG as it relates to quarterbacks. I am smart enough to know the Jaguars re-signed C.J. Beathard as their backup last week because they like and trust him in that role.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

The world needs John Oehser and Pete Prisco on air together more. Y'all have very different ways of saying the same thing. Last year, I remember your reaction to him bringing up former Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles over and over and now it's asking General Manager Trent Baalke about the Clown Emoji. "OF COURSE YOU ASKED HIM," hahaha.

What's a "Pete Prisco?"

Troy from Dover, PA

Is your 40-yard dash time better than Rich Eisen's?

What's a Rich Eisen?"