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O-Zone Late Night, Week 10: 49ers 34, Jaguars 3

O-Zone Late Night

JACKSONVILLE – This was bad. And ugly.

That's as good a way to start this O-Zone Late Night as any. The AFC South-leading Jaguars lost to the NFC West-leading San Francisco 49ers at EverBank Stadium Sunday, with the 34-3 margin very appropriate given the feel of this one.

The 49ers dominated. They looked stronger on the lines. They executed better early. The Jaguars enhanced this advantage by continuing to make mistakes offensively, errors that didn't cost them during a league-best five-game winning streak that ended Sunday but that very definitely hurt Sunday.

The post-game reaction was expected and appropriate. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence called it perhaps his worst game. Head Coach Doug Pederson spoke of having told the team in the locker room that it hadn't accomplished anything yet.

Such are the words you hear after gut-punches losses. The Jaguars have played well after tough defeats previously under Pederson, winning five consecutive games after a one-sided loss to Detroit last season and doing the same after a similar loss to Houston this season. Here they are again.

Let's get to it …

Josiah from Jacksonville

This team is absolute garbage and just got exposed. We are 0-2 versus good teams and 6-1 versus bad teams. I hate how we can never measure up with Super Bowl contenders.

The Jaguars are in no way, shape or form "absolute garbage." They are 4-0 this season against teams that entered the game with winning records. The only team they have beaten this season that doesn't have a winning record is the Atlanta Falcons. It's true they have not shown themselves through nine games to be the Super Bowl favorite. It's true they played awfully Sunday. The season isn't over yet. One game – even one as bad as Sunday – does not define a season.

Boxcutter Bill from Mass

We beat the Titans next week we'll be OK. The Texans tho? Who would've thought? That's our next biggest game.

You're right. The Texans are for real. Like for realsy for real.

Bob from Weaverville, NC

Did Doug give the whole team the week after the bye and just have them come in today before the game? Absolutely pitiful. I get we have talent, but where is it against a good team?

Pederson did not give the team the week off after the bye. The Jaguars have beaten good teams often this season. They haven't beaten the really good ones yet.

Michael from Orange Park, FL



David from Broward

First two drives not a single rushing attempt? Come on O-Zone, you can't support that. This is a staff that hates to run the ball.

This was the much-ballyhooed, oft-overhyped, sometimes-entertaining First Email of the Game. The Jaguars indeed didn't have a rushing attempt on either of their first two drives. Remember: This is not a staff or an offense that's going to run for the sake of running or run often against defensive looks that dictate the offense should pass.

Joel From Jacksonville

Someone did inform the Jaguars they had a game this week, correct? Eggs like this make a new stadium sell a bit more difficult.

You don't base a $2 billion stadium project on one game. That's a long-term thing. Sunday was a short-term thing.

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Are we at the point that we need to accept that Lawrence will never be elite? He's a serviceable starter most of the time but he's never carried the team on his back, and I just can't see him doing that any time soon. Thoughts?

I received multiple of these emails. Lawrence must play better moving forward than he did Sunday. He described it as perhaps his worst game and he may have been right. He's not elite yet. He seemed from this view to mostly have progressed this season. I'm not big on one game being "digression," so Sunday wasn't that. But whatever Sunday was, he needs to not do that often.

JR from Callahan

How do they select the broadcast team? Asking for a 49ers fan who is really happy with the crew today...

Networks assign broadcast crews to games, generally trying to assign their most high-profile crews to the most-high-profile games. Sunday's game was high-profile at kickoff. It's fair to wonder how many viewers remained in the second half.

Sam from Orlando

When are you allowed to talk about Trevor's turnover problem? You avoided the question to close out the O-Zone recently and then Lawrence promptly just had his 11th turnover (and counting)

I've discussed Lawrence's turnovers and pretty much everything else about him constantly for two and a half seasons – and I expect I will do so as long as he plays, and as long as you and the rest of the world are fortunate enough for me to write this column. Turnovers are an issue for the Jaguars this season. It was a minor issue before and a major one now. Lawrence is not alone in being the cause. But he is the quarterback. It's a Major Storyline now until it's not.

Dan from Munich

Zone, we know that the 49ers are elite team, but there is no excuse for the flat performance by the Jags after a bye week, pathetic.

It was bad.

A cloudy afternoon in Duval County ☁️ View in game action shots of the Jaguars vs. 49ers matchup.

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