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Quentin Groves conference call


The following is a transcript of Quentin Groves conference call following his second round selection.

(on what it means to be drafted by the Jaguars) "It is everything I could have dreamed of and more. I thank the Jaguars and their organization for choosing me. It's just a weight lifted off my shoulder. I can't thank enough people. Thank God first of all."

(on why it's such a weight lifted off of him) "For the simple fact I never knew I was going to go with the toes and the heart thing. It was just thing after thing. Things just started rolling and it was like a domino effect. It was just a weight lifted when they said 'Quentin Groves.' The VP of Scouting called me and told me they were going to take me. I was like, 'Thank you Jesus.'

(on what happened with his heart) "I had Wolff-Parkinson-White. They noticed it at the Combine and I didn't know what it was."

(on the treatment for the heart condition) "I had a surgical procedure that I got taken care of."

(on if there is a chance of a reoccurrence) "Everything is one-hundred percent healed. It causes a rapid heartbeat, but I never experienced it. I never had a faintness or shortness of breath or anything like that. They said it causes rapid heartbeat and you tend to pass out and faint, but I never experienced it."

(on how they found the heart condition) "Through an EKG at the Combine."

(on if he expected to be a first round pick) "I did but everybody expects to be a first round pick. You are a football player. Things don't go as you plan but God always has a plan for your life."

(on his toe injuries) "I dislocated toes two, three and four (on right foot). It's kind of funny that the place I got hurt is the place where I got drafted in Florida. I got hurt against Florida in Gainesville."

(on if the toe injuries affected him the rest of the season) "I think it did. Being a pass rusher, my get off is everything in the world. When I couldn't get off the way I needed to get off that is when I said I need to go to another thing. That is when I stopped relying on my speed so much and started relying on my technique."

(on if his struggles the last year have made him better and stronger) "It makes me stronger mentally and physically. Physically, when you get hurt your ligaments tend to grow back stronger. Mentally, I know I can handle the mental part of going through adversity because I have already gone through it."

(on where he celebrated the draft) "At my parents house in Greenville, Mississippi."

(on why he chose Auburn) "I chose it because I'm a faith guy. I never knew where I was going to school and I was going to sign to go to school, as we stopped at a stop sign, there was a truck to my right and as I look and I see, it said 'Auburn Number One' on the license plate. That's where I went."

(on if it was just faith he chose Auburn) "I knew it was. My coach was like I can't believe it son, after all this money we spent flying you across the country seeing schools, a license plate got you to go to Auburn."

(on what he and Derrick Harvey bring to the defense) "I think it brings us more speed off the edge, not to take away from the guys like Paul Spicer and those guys. Me and him are both known are pass rushing defensive ends and that is what we are. We are going to try and do that to the best of our abilities in Jacksonville."

(on if he followed the Jaguars) "With the addition of Reggie Nelson last year and Matt Jones two years ago, you then had a great linebacker in Justin Durant. They have done a great job on the defensive side of the ball. They added two more great players in Derrick (Harvey) and I."

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