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Random midseason thoughts


The season will reach the midway point this Sunday for the Jaguars, and that makes this a good time for some random-thoughts reflection on the first half of the season.

• Sunday's game against Kansas City could be a pivot point for the Jaguars, just as the back-to-back Cleveland and Cincinnati games were for last year's team. The Jaguars were 3-3 heading into that two-game stretch, came out 3-5 and never recovered. If the Jaguars don't get back to .500 this week, it may be difficult to do that again this year.

• Everyone keeps talking about the inconsistency of this Jaguars team, referring to a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. Yeah, I see the lows, but where are the highs? Wins over winless Tennessee and St. Louis? Beating Houston is the Jaguars' highest-quality win of the year but when did beating Houston become reason for great celebration? The reality is that this is a young team that's found a way to win three games.

• If they beat the Chiefs, the Jags will have a chance to finish 8-8 this season and that would be, in this reporter's opinion, a fantastic record for a team in reconstruction.

• I'll be interested to see if defensive end Greg Peterson, when he's healthy and ready to play, will allow the Jaguars to play some 4-3.

• Maurice Jones-Drew is having a Pro-Bowl season.

• The real excitement will begin when the season ends and General Manager Gene Smith goes to work on the roster, again.

• I'd like to see a little bit of Luke McCown, to determine whether or not he offers legitimate quarterback depth.

• Attendance for the Colts game is a genuine concern. I really hope fans buy and use the tickets because it would really hurt this franchise and the future of professional football in Jacksonville if TV pans an empty stadium that night. I repeat, buy and use because no-shows won't work on this night. This will be a visual event.

• My biggest disappointment of the season to date isn't the 41-0 loss in Seattle, it's the collapse after the Jaguars fought back to tie the score at 13-13 in Tennessee. I honestly thought they had control of the game at that point.

• If I had one wish, I would wish the Jaguars' home games were sold out because nothing speaks louder than sellouts.

Here are 10 things the Jaguars have to do to beat the Chiefs.

  1. Not a lot, just enough—These aren't the "Monsters of the Midway" the Jags will be facing this Sunday. Just do enough to win.
  1. Keep it simple—See Jones-Drew, give ball to Jones-Drew.
  1. Check to a run—Instead of checking to a pass.
  1. Sack the quarterback—Forget it, I was just dreaming.
  1. Wear bigger shoulder pads—Maybe that'll promote better tackling.
  1. Throw it deep—That'll open up the slants.
  1. Get off the field on third down—Possession time is down to 29:09.
  1. Win the effort battle—That's all that's necessary.
  1. Stay on the field on third down—The Jaguars are a very respectable 12th in the league on third down.
  1. Showcase the rookies—They're what's best about this season.
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