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Will Rackley conference call transcript


(on if he has his degree) "I'm getting it on May 23."

(on if he is a team captain) "Yes."

(on what he is getting his degree in) "Product design.  You can design anything from toys, appliances, furniture to even software."

(on the last time he did not start) "I didn't start the last regular season game of my freshman year.  After that I started every game."

(on why he didn't start that game) "I'm not sure.  I think I didn't play too well the week before and kind of lost my job."

(on if third round is where he projected he would go in the draft) "No.  There was talk of me going around the third round but to be drafted at all is a very humbling experience and truly a blessing."

(on if he visited Jacksonville) "No.  I didn't get a chance to visit Jacksonville."

(on where he visited) "I went to Dallas, Cleveland and St. Louis."

(on if the Jaguars came to his pro day) "No.  They didn't come to my pro day but I did a private workout for them."

(on if he was surprised he was taken by the Jaguars) "I'm not surprised. I thought my private workout with them went pretty well so I was hoping."

(on how much he has played along the interior line) "I started at guard my freshman year and after that I did in practice but it was mostly tackle in games."

(on the transition to moving back inside) "It's just dealing with bigger guys and shorter distances will be the biggest thing. I don't think I will have too much trouble with that."

(on if it's a different mentality playing inside) "I wouldn't necessarily say different mentality.  You definitely go in there with a mauler mentality. You go against this guy across the ball that is three feet in front of your face.  You have to get after him and maul in."

(on how much competition the East-West All-Star Game gave him considering his level of competition in college) "It gave me a great deal of confidence. It was really exciting to play against Division I-A talent and stacking up pretty well against them definitely built up my confidence level." 

(on where he grew up) "I moved around quite a bit.  I was born in Athens, Greece.  My father was in the military. We moved to North Carolina, Virginia for eight months and then finally Atlanta in 1999.  Been here ever since."

(on if he was glad to get picked by Jacksonville with the warmer weather and the opportunity to stay in the south) "Definitely glad. Florida is a great state and Jacksonville is a great team.  Staying somewhere where it's warm, I'm definitely excited."

(on the size of Riverdale High School) "About 2,000.  It's Class 5A, the highest."

(on if he was heavily recruited out of high school) "No. I was only about 6-2, 260, coming from a wing-T offense.  I had pretty good academics so I was recruited by a lot of Patriot League schools like Lehigh, Lafayette and Colgate."

(on what he did to get to his current weight of 309) "It was a progression.  My freshman year I played at about 265 and got up to 280 my sophomore year.  By my junior year I was up to about 295, 300.  I played at 310 my senior year.  It was just a lot of working out and eating."

(on if he knows anyone personally on the Jaguars roster) "No, not personally."

(on his agent) "Alan Herman."

(on if he watched the draft) "I was with my family and we watched the whole thing."

(on where he watched the first round) "My father and I were up in New York.  We went to Radio City (Music Hall).  My agent had some tickets so we figured we would go up there and soak up the experience."

(on sitting in the crowd) "It was cool seeing all those fans going crazy, seeing some of the guys I saw at the combine.  It was kind of cool."

(on if the Giants fans or Jets are louder) "I would say the Jets fans at least at Radio City.  They were going pretty crazy but they outnumbered the Giants fans."

(on if he is relatively comfortable playing at 310 pounds) "I feel very comfortable.  That is the weight I have been playing at the last couple of years.  I feel good at it."

(on if he bench presses 440 pounds) "I did.  I bench about 460 or 475 now."

(on if a lot of pro scouts came to his games during the season) "We pretty much had a scout at almost every practice during the season and during camp."

(on if he was flattering that the scouts were focused only on him at the practices and games) "It's kind of cool.  It motivated me during practice."

(on the feeling of being drafted after a team trades up to select you) "It's pretty flattering.  It felt pretty good.  I can't wait to go down there and work."

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