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Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(Opening statement) "I'm going to state the obvious, that third quarter for us being able to come out and get 21 to 0 in the third and have 11 first downs, our defense to no first downs and eight total yards in the third that was obviously the turning point in the game. For Roquan Smith to have the two interceptions. For our offense to being able to make plays when we had to and rebound back from those two possessions in the red zone. Special teams keeping that field position. DeAndre Carter coming back and making that tough play next time. KaRay doing his thing. Again, in these type of games, I am just proud of our players for just understanding where we sat going into today's game and what is sitting ahead of us. We talked about it all week long. Our guys responded, they listened, they are coachable and we loved that as a coach."

(On how better he feels going into Green Bay than he did earlier this year) "As where we are as a team now, it's definitely different. Green Bay is a hell of a football team and there is a reason why they are sitting as the No. 1 seed. For us, we have to worry about us. We have to understand what happened in that game. We are guaranteed one more game if nothing else. If we do well in that one game, we will have an opportunity for one more. We can't worry about that. We need to worry about us."

(On what he was arguing for on the DeAndre Carter play) "When that goes on, you are always going to protect your guys. He's a warrior and he made that catch and run. It was vicious hit. Nothing against the kid that hit him, but when you are down there in that game you're going to want to make sure that your guys are protected. At the initial time, there wasn't a flag, then ended up being one coming. Those referees had a hard job. There was one right before that, that wasn't really that bad in my opinion, but again they called it and it was a good call by them. It that situation, I just want to make sure he was ok, Number 1, and then Number 2, they get the call right which they did and I credit them for that. The refs did a great job."

(On if he felt like the offense was in a rhythm in the third quarter when they went for it on fourth down) "In that situation, it's a longer whether you are going to punt or whether you are going to go for it on the field goal. There were so many things that go into it. I think it also shows confidence in your players in making plays at crucial times and our guys did that. That's important. You're going to have guys that understand that you are going to put the ball in their hands. That was definitely a turning point in my opinion to be able to do that and that is real credit to the players."

(On what jump-started the third quarter today) "I will be completely honest with everybody on this call; I really have no idea. We've studied it; we've looked at it and it's crazy the amount of struggle we have had in the third quarter. So, I don't know and I don't know when I will know. To play well today, in the third quarter, part of it is going to be when the season ends, you'll look back at it and say how many possessions did you get the ball to start the third quarter verses a team that gets the ball to start the third, you have less possessions. Also, are you getting three-and-outs on defense to give you more possessions? Then are you being productive on offense? Today we did all of that. We were able to be productive on offense, we scored touchdowns and our defense got stops and got the ball back. You put all that together and it jump starts you and it happened in the third quarter."

(On what excites him about his team going into Week 17) "You win three in a row, and you feel good about scoring points. Our offense is scoring points right now and putting up touchdowns. We even had a couple right in the red zone that you look back and realize we could have maybe had a little more. But I thought for the most part, they did a good job of scoring touchdowns. You start winning. You get out of that losing streak that we had. We had a message for the last three weeks about where we are going and what we are doing together, and they had completely done it. This credit goes to the players and the coaches. They had responded and have put us in a situation where it could have gone in a lot different directions and it hasn't. Now we control things. As we told you last week, we weren't going to stop or overlook this team. They are a good football team, and they play hard. I know their record and all that, but they play hard. Now we have to re-shift to a big division opponent in Green Bay."

(On his conversation to Mitchell Trubisky at halftime and what stood out about his third quarter) "Next play mentality. That's it. That is literally what we talked about. Forget it, next play. Are you upset or angry about it? Yeah. We all are, but you know what, we learn from it and move on. Don't even think about it. We are going in at halftime to figure out what the hell we are going to do on offense. We are going to score points and keep this mojo going and that is exactly what he did. He is helping us out offensively and there is a lot of confidence collectively."

(On the performance of Allen Robinson II today) "It was big. You have a game like this. He ends up making plays on crucial third downs. For him to have 10 catches here against his former team, it's pretty cool. But you get to a point where you realize a player like him that makes these plays and does this while helping our team out. The confidence keeps growing with these guys and he is a big part of the success."

(On the thinking of the Cole Kmet run) "You're in a position where you have the ball at the 1-yard line and that play really looked good all week in practice. Everybody there probably knew that was coming and we all felt it. They jumped offsides, I think, and they ended up giving a different look, credit to them. If there is a play where we all look back and you get the ball at the 1-yard line, you come away with three points, that is one you look back at. But our guys rebounded, they came back from that."

(On being better at the opening drive of the game) "Number 1, the players, no matter what plays are called, who is calling them or when they are called and all of that, in all season long, it's always going to come down to being able to execute. I think right now our players, you look back to the beginning of the year, you look back to the last couple of games, they're really feeling good and executing every play that is called. We always get to together as a staff and we talk through, that is kind of the part I was trying to get at; we talk though, 'ok schematically what stuff do we like as coaches?' We'll get together at the end of the week after we see how plays look. We didn't do that as much on the front end of the season. Now we're doing it more. It feels right, it feels good and the players have to execute it."

(On Trubisky's execution and making the simple plays) "He's very comfortable schematically in what we're doing. And schematically, when you are able to run the football. Schematically when you start growing off what you have done in years past with some other adjustments; whether it's stuff from the (shot) gun, run and pass. There is a combination of stuff. The time he has grown in this offense, the high's and low's he had, and the communication he now gives us, we work through that throughout the week to where we condense it and get the game plan to where he feels really good. Now, what happens is, schematically with the stuff we are doing which is obviously different than what we have been doing. He feels comfortable, we feel comfortable with it. We have great weeks of practice and keep the defenses kind of on their heels. If they decided to shut something down on one part of the offense, then we have to have a counter with something else. I thought that is what a little what we got into today because they did a good job in the start of the game in the first half of shutting down some of our under-center runs. Credit our coaches for making some adjustments because we got to some different things that worked. "