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Bears Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(On the fourth-and-5 conversion to Allen Robinson and how that play represents the strides the offense has made this year) "Yeah, I think we've just put more of an emphasis on situational football, and I think it all starts with communication in the huddle – me letting guys know what the down and distance is. It's fourth-and-5… we've got to have this one, we have to have it. Obviously, everyone knows that, but I think me saying that gets everyone locked in; everyone's listening to the play, we go out there, we're believing in the call. And then we just go out there and execute it. They gave us a good look, brought a little pressure. I just faded to the left and A-Rob (Allen Robinson) beat the guy up on a nice little slant route and it worked out for us. But it starts with all 11 guys playing as one, and it starts with communication and doing a great job getting in and out of the huddle."

(On how he processed his 'next play mentality' that Coach Nagy referenced following his interception in the second quarter) "Yeah, it was frustrating because I knew right away I made a bad decision trying to do too much extending the play. (I should have) probably just thrown that one away or tucked it and run upfield to get some yards. So I was frustrated by it. I frustrated myself just making a decision like that, but I just talked to Coach Flip (Quarterbacks Coach John DeFilippo) on the sidelines. He got me right. I was able to lock back in, make some adjustments at halftime so we could have a big third quarter. But that's exactly what it was: next play mentality. I just settled down a little bit, not trying to force things, and it just allowed us to execute and have a big third quarter."

(On what was said at halftime and what allowed the Bears offense to be so effective in the third quarter) "Yeah, we kind of just said, 'Let's just go out and be us.' We weren't finishing the way we wanted to finish. We weren't executing on all cylinders like we can, so let's 11 as one, let's go out there and be us, and let's have some fun in the third quarter, in the second half. There wasn't really too much said. Everyone knew what they had to do, but we just went out and did it, and it made for a fun third quarter. A lot of it started up front, just the O-line creating holes for the running backs and giving me time to make decisions and get the ball to our playmakers. And then, on top of that, our defense was lights out in the third quarter with some three-and-outs, getting the ball back for us and giving them absolutely nothing on offense for the third quarter. So the defense stopping and getting us the ball back, and then we were just rolling a little bit in the third quarter. It was just everyone being locked in and playing the way we know we're capable of."

(On if he feels that today was a continuation of the progress the Bears offense has been making) "Second half, yes. I thought we could have been a little bit better in the second quarter, just with our communication, being faster in and out of the huddle and getting substitutions in the game a little bit better. I thought we cleaned it up in the second half. I think it was just some self-inflicted stuff in the second quarter, but we made those adjustments at halftime, came out and was playing fast in the third and fourth quarters. Good teams make adjustments, and they know when to self-correct and when to get on each other and just communicate, and we were able to make those adjustments. I think we did make some progress, especially in the third quarter, just putting the game away and coming away with a win as a team."

(On his interception and later his second touchdown to Jimmy Graham) "Yeah, on the interception, I saw A-Rob (Allen Robinson) put his hand up and the DB fell down. I was trying to get it up to him and I figured it was just going to be a jump ball, and I was kind of getting hit as I was throwing so it didn't come out the way I wanted it. It fluttered in the air a little too long and I believe the linebacker came over and made a good play on it. I knew it was a 50-50 ball, everything's happening within split-milliseconds, and it turned out to be a bad decision. But the DB fell down and I was trying to get A-Rob a chance to make a big play, but I've just got to continue to stay within this offense and stay within myself, just to make better decisions for this offense. On the second touchdown, we had a little double-move on with Jimmy and we had man coverage. He ran a great route. The safety that was covering him fell down and I just put it in a spot where only he (Jimmy Graham) could catch it. He stayed on his feet – well, he fell at the end – but he made a great grab. That was a big play for us."

(On the feeling as a quarterback to have the confidence each week to operate at the level of 30-plus points for the last four weeks, something the Bears have not done in 65 years) "I think it does give us confidence, and I think it all starts with the expectations; just having the high expectations for ourselves in this offense, that this is what we're capable of and nothing less is going to be acceptable. So I think if we just have that mentality and are locked in at practice and are just demanding of each other while also having each other's backs throughout the process, we can continue to keep growing and progressing. Who knows what we can do within this offense, but we've got to be proud of the work but also know that the expectations are higher and higher for us each week when we keep getting better."

(On how important it is to come out quickly against Green Bay next week) "It's going to be huge. We know what's at stake this weekend. We're going to enjoy the win tonight and then start preparations tomorrow. But it just sets up for a special opportunity to finish our season strong against a rival like this. It's a must-win game, just like these last couple games have been, and we definitely want to play our best ball and finish strong. So we've got to keep getting better, go back to work this week, have a great week of practice and go out there to give ourselves a great chance on Sunday."

(On what the Bears' thriving offense has meant to him in a crazy season for him personally) "It's been good. I just feel lucky and blessed to be able to play, to be back in this offense, to be out there with my guys playing. It's been a crazy season. I'm just fortunate to be out there, to be able to play and to be able to help this team win. I just love our mindset, where we're at right now, how we keep getting better, how we've battled through adversity – not only myself, but we've battled adversity as a team. We just continue to come closer together and that's how you create special memories, just getting through the tough times and enjoying the great times together. We've got a great opportunity this week to continue to finish strong and get better and that's what I'm looking forward to and it's special."

(On if he watched the 49ers' win last night, and if so, what was the Bears' mood like as a team) "I didn't watch it. I didn't watch it, I was just checking the score, because I know when I watch games, it won't work out the way I want them to. I was checking the score, I was getting updates from other people, I was trying not to pay attention, but a great game by the 49ers. I gotta shout out my guy (49ers quarterback) C.J. Beathard. We trained together coming off the Combine. He played really well. I'm happy for C.J. and them, and they really helped us out."