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Bears Safety Tashaun Gibson Sr.: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(On thoughts after the Arizona Cardinals game final last night) "Yeah, I watched towards the end once we got off the plane, I was able to tune in. And obviously, I had to go on Amazon Prime because it wasn't on national TV and it was crazy watching that game unfold. A lot of ups and downs, with the kicker missing a couple of those field goals, but I'm not sure what that was about though. It just was a surreal moment, man, and it was just excitement at the same time. So, it was just crazy to watch that …Once it was over, that moment kind of settled in. That man, this is real, this is really real. So, I think everybody was tuned in, man and after the game, I went to bed with a smile on my face last night."

(On the mood in the locker now knowing that their journey to the Playoffs is in their hands) "I mean, the mood is what you would expect it to be. It's just a bunch of guys who have been through a lot of adversity this year, going from a six-game winning streak, from starting 5-1 to a six-game losing streak, to being able to position ourselves to be where we [are] now. I think that you can understand that the mood right now, is we're at an all-time high. It's good energy, man, and that's all we can ask for. Obviously, we know the job isn't done and I don't think that [anybody] is looking too far ahead. But I mean, to be able to position ourselves right now to what we can control our own destiny, where we don't need to tune in and be worried about what's happening with the next team. There's no better feeling right now, than controlling what you can control, doing your job, and if all else fails, you'd be able to reap the rewards. I think that's the mood right now."

(On the impact of Roquan Smith's two interceptions) "I mean, those were huge when you think about it. I think that those were something that you look at and you say, those were momentum changes. And I think that Roquan is—he's just been doing what he's been doing all year and I don't think that he gets enough credit, but those were huge. Momentum, it's kind of one of those things where you kind of put the nail in the coffin, man. And once those two interceptions turned into big points and we just began to feed off of that. Offensively, we were able to turn into points, I believe they scored 10 points off of them; a field goal which is a huge because it was 10-10 and then the other one, they were able to capitalize and score 7 points. And they were able to kind of further the gap and kind of get the game out of control and we were able to just feed off of that."

(On what the sideline thought of the hit on the punt returner) "Yeah, I think that because of the series prior, I think Sherrick McManis was hit with a penalty and the next one Sherrick came back better. That hit was crazy. I think that it was one of the more vicious ones I've seen, and I've been in the league a long time, seen a lot of hits. I think he might've hurt himself man, prayers out to him. But the game of football is a physical game, but that hit was pretty crazy man. So, seeing it live and with something like that you've just got to wish well for both guys involved. But at the end of the day, I know our guy is well and we hope the guy over there is well, man. But it was a pretty crazy hit, it was a bang-bang play, physical play, man, that old school football is what people say. So, we were able to capitalize on that as well, but that's what we want to take out of the game, keep everybody safe, keep our heads up and be able to walk away on your own two feet. Again, I hope he's well, I'm not sure what happened with the other man and I know our guy is well."

(On whether WR Allen Robinson's game today means more to him, having played for Jacksonville before) "Yes to the question. For me, I think it's business as usual for A-Rob and I just go back to when I signed with Jacksonville, he was a young guy, he's just been staying an even guy, his emotions don't get too crazy, that's what you've got to respect about a guy like that. So, I think that whether we are playing Jacksonville or Green Bay, I think that—I don't think that it was as personal probably for A-Rob as people probably would assume, man. And we've had talks, like I said, we were there together for a minute. But I think that—is it a little sweet? Absolutely. I think that any time you can go in and have that type of performance against an old team who let you walk, those things are personal. So, for him, I think it was major for him. But again, he's just a guy that's business as usual. It doesn't matter the situation or the team, man, he's going to go out and do what he needs to do. And he's been doing it all year."

(On the plan for stopping the Green Bay Packers, slowing down Packers WR Davante Adams and getting pressure on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) "You know, right now just coming down off of this, man. Obviously, I think the coaching staff have the game plan, they're going to go to the drawing board Monday and Tuesday and figure out the game plan. But I mean, it's no easy feat dealing with those guys. I mean, those are top tier guys, one or two at their positions respectfully. So, obviously, right now we're going to enjoy this win for just a little bit, and we understand the challenges that lie ahead. So, there's no easy way to stop those guys, so it's going to be a collective effort, man. Rushing coverage is going to definitely have to come together and obviously, if you want to do this, if you want to get into the dance, we know that next week is the most important week of all season. That's playoff football for us, but for playoff football. With that being said, man, I think the offense and defense this time around have to be a little bit more prepared and God-willing, we'll be able to get this victory and we'll be dancing soon. Once everybody is in, there's no telling what will happen."

(On how it feels to potentially get a rematch against the New Orleans Saints, if all goes well) "You know, man, that's so far ahead that right now, I just want to get in there. But you know, given the opportunity, obviously, we'll like it, but we're talking to week ahead, man. So, how about we get in there and you ask me those questions. But right now, we're focused on making sure we do what we need to do to be able to get into that dance, because everybody knows, once you're in there, records don't matter. It's good-on-good, man, you're going to give people the best shots and that's just how the game works."