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Browns Guard Joel Bitonio: Sunday, November 29, 2020

On if this week felt like a 'survival test' for the team:

"I do not know if I would call it a survival test. It is definitely one where you see the grit of a team. You do not get to practice all week really. The defense was really decimated with guys missing. We had one true practice on Friday. You are traveling one of our farther travel games of the year. All of those things kind of added up, and we knew we had to perform and we knew we had the guys to win this game. It just went down to the wire a little closer than we liked at the end, but we found a way to pull it out. I think that is what good teams in this league do is find ways to win."

On RB Nick Chubb's performance, including converting third-and-12 on a screen play:

"Chubb is a stud. Some of those cuts he made today were… You really do not just see it live, but you are getting to the linebacker and you are thinking the play is going front side and then you see Chubb running for 20 yards on the backside, which is some of the most impressive things. We just called a screen to the left. I was the first guy out, and I noticed they have him in man-to-man coverage. The guy that I went after, I just tried to get some hands on him, and Chubb made a nice cut, got the first down and sealed the win."

On WR Jarvis Landry's performance and Landry getting his first TD of the season:

"It is always good when Jarvis gets his too because he is always a guy that is blocking and making plays behind the scenes for this team. We have not been able to throw the ball as much the last few weeks, but we kind of opened it up a little bit and he was making plays. He got the touchdown, but he had big catches on third down and made guys miss and just all the little things. I am sure his blocking was great, too. It is just one of those things where he is a gamer. When his number is called, he is ready to make those plays for us. It was pretty impressive."

On if he believes that the team's best football is in front of them, given Landry's postgame comments:

"Yeah, I think as a team, we have not played a full-complete game yet. We won some games and we have been in some battles and a lot of one-score games the last few weeks, but I think if we put it all together – we had a turnover down there; fourth down, we did not get it on one of the drives and then the defense has played some great games – I think it is going to be something special."

On what is different about the Browns this season, given the team's ability to overcome adversity and win close games:

"We all have a mindset that it is the next play. Bad things happen in this league. There are times you get beat, but we come out there the next drive and we are like, 'Hey, we have to answer right now,' and guys makes plays in big situations. Our defense stepped up on those two-point conversions and saved us from having to go down and score. It is just when you see someone need a little help, you help them up and then you go on to play the next play. I think it is just a mindset starting with (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski and working its way down."