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Colts Head Coach Frank Reich - September 13, 2020

(On his national anthem stance) "Before we get started and get into about questions about the game, I want to briefly address our team's statement during the national anthem. We will continue to bring attention to systemic racism and the injustice that our Black communities are enduring. We will continue to demonstrate our convictions to support and uplift our Black communities. This decision was made by players and coaches collectively. It was a well throughout process and supports our stance in making a meaningful change."

(Opening statement for the game) "Obviously, (it was) a disappointing loss. We can down here and felt like we were ready to go in all three phases. We just hurt ourselves, hurt ourselves offensively with penalties. Miscues here and there. We got off to a fast start, made a lot of plays in the passing game. We a lot of plays throughout the game, but not enough to win the game. Defensively, at times, we looked good. We just struggled. In special teams, we had the missed field goal. We will learn from this. It's just one game and it's a hard division road game. You want to start out with a win against a division opponent on the road, that would have been big. But we learn from it, we move on. It's one game. We learn from it. We get better and we will be ready to learn from it next week."

(On Gardner Minshew II's rhythm and the Colts pass defense mistakes) "He did a good job with the short-controlled passing game. They had some good play-action stuff. He's always been a very accurate guy. You go back and look at his college tape, he is a very accurate passer. Jay Gruden did a very good job and they executed well on offense."

(On Philip Rivers turnovers and if they are a concern) "I don't have any concern. Obviously, the first interception, that was on me. It was a bad call. It was the wrong call. We set the formation the wrong way and it was on me. They played a two-man trap which they haven't shown. It was not on tape and obviously we watched a lot of tape on them. Good job by them on mixing it up. I made it even harder by putting the formation in the boundary and made it easier for them to make that play. It was just bad by me. Philip made some unbelievable plays on third down, some plays to keep drives alive. For us to score the points that we scored, I have no concerns about Philip. We have to play better on offense."

(On if he has concerns about the running game) "We never got quick into the rhythm for maybe a variety of reasons. We were having some success early in the pass game. We got a lot of chunks in the pass game. It felt like, almost, we were moving the ball at will. It felt like we couldn't be stopped on offense, I really felt that way. It felt like Philip was really deadly accurate and we are making a bunch of plays. Parris [Campbell] made a bunch of plays. The ball was getting spread around so we didn't dial up a couple of runs like we sometimes do, but that will change game-to-game."

(On if they didn't want to put Rivers into a position where he had to win games even with the passing game working) "It's hard to tell, it's hard to tell. I felt like we were having success in the passing game so the run game never got into a rhythm. I have said this a million times. There are some games where we are going to throw more. We felt like we had good matchups in the secondary. We have a lot of respect for them. I felt like our receivers were running well and we were throwing it to them. We were making plays and moving the ball. I am not concerned about the run game at all."

(On Marlon's Mack injury and riding Nyheim Hines for a while in his absence) "On Marlon [Mack], he does have an Achilles injury. He is going to get scan tomorrow and we will update you when we know more. That is all we know right now. We have a lot of confidence in Nyheim [Hines] so just get him rolling a little bit. He was doing a nice job. We were throwing the ball a little bit more and leaving him in there for that and that was another reason. Then we got a chance to get Jonathan [Taylor] in there a little bit and get his feet wet. From what I can tell, obviously, I will have to watch the tape but he did a good job."

(On what he liked about the fourth down play with Nyheim Hines) "We love that play. Obviously, it was ill-advised as far as the red zone runs we had in there this week. That is one we just felt really good about. It was going to be our No. 1 two-point play, we liked it in general down there. I have to see the tape to see where exactly the breakdown came. That is a run we run a fair amount with the field. We thought it was going to be a good call, but they just outplayed us on that play and out-schemed us as coaches."

(On what he thought happened during the Jaguars winning score) "I am not sure about the miscommunication we had on the zone coverage on the go-ahead touchdown. I will have to see the tape on that one, but we had a miscue. I didn't ask Flus [Matt Eberflus] what happened because I was thinking about the next series I was going to call. I really didn't follow up on that yet."

(On the thinking for on going for the fourth-and-1 early in the game) "That is the thinking is to be aggressive. I mean for what it's worth it's a strong go in all of the analytics. In our analytic charts, it was a strong go. I was feeling that way anyway. Like I said, I felt sometimes you have to use the chart and sometimes you have to gauge it on the play you are going to call. I felt like that play for going to work, but it didn't. We got outcoached and outplayed on that play."

(On how much of the mistakes they blame on themselves) "Anytime you lose there is enough blame to go-around for coaches and players. The way it works best is if we all take reasonability. As the head coach, you take the most responsibility. You have to get your team ready to play and ready to execute. We didn't get that done today. The way we can out and went right down the field, I thought it was going to be a good day. It's a 60-minute game and we just didn't get that done."

(On how the decision for him to kneel before the game came about) "It was decision that we talked through as a team. It doesn't matter where it all started. We talked through what we were going to do and that was one of the things we talked about. We thought it was a unique to express what needs to be done. Where someone like myself, a white leader, would kneel out of a posture but like the statement said not out of defiance but out of humility to acknowledge that some work needs to be done that we can't leave things the way they are. It takes all of us, everybody, but certainly white leaders have an opportunity to step up and make a big change as far as systemic racism is concerned. That was the decision. It was a collective team decision. We felt like it was the right statement. We all agreed the real substance, the other substance, is what we are going to do and how we are going to serve the community we live in. How we are going to serve the Black communities that we live in and really put actions to words."