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Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor - September 13, 2020

(On the team's decision to link arms and Coach Reich's decision to kneel pregame) "As a team we decided to try and make a statement, come together and we came to the conclusion that it'd be a good idea to link arms and have Coach take a knee for us. That's something that we came to collectively. We stand by him, we stand by the decision one hundred percent and that's just a way that we're going to attack the issues that are at hand in our nation in today's world."

(On his comfort level in becoming the top running back on the team) "I think Coach Reich has done a great job, not only through training camp, but this started before training camp, making sure that I was up to speed as much as possible. Not being able to have OTAs and not being able to have rookie mini-camp, we had to try to do as many meetings as we could and also add on top of that throughout training camp to try to get me up to speed with those vets. I know that whatever happens, and I don't know the full status yet, but I know that Marlon [Mack]… [mic cuts off] Adding on throughout training camp we also had to kick it into extra gear in order to get me up to speed with vets. Like I said I don't know the full status on Marlon but I know he's going to be in not only my ear but the rest of the backs' ear until he gets back – whatever his status is – in order to make sure we can uphold his part and make sure that the running back group is not a drop-off."

(On what he thought was going on with the running game today) "Those guys did a good job at stopping up in the A gaps, forcing us out onto the perimeter and having us create those one-on-ones that we had to come up and try to make sure that we win those one-on-one battles when we're out there on the edge. We have to make sure that we do a better job trying to find our fit in those A gaps when teams are crashing hard in the A gap so just something that we've got to continue to get better at, work on, tighten up, and something we're going to do collectively in order to make sure that next week we're able to build upon that."

(On how eager he was to make his debut and if it was what he expected) "You always do, and I take this saying from college: you don't count the reps, you make the reps count. So whenever, if they ever called my number, I was determined to make sure I was able to go in and was ready and not be able to be a drop-off. When I did get in and I felt like I was prepared – I mentioned it earlier, Coach Reich did a tremendous job as far as making sure everything was one hundred percent crystal clear as far as throughout meetings, throughout training camps and up until the game to make sure that I fully understood the game plan and everything that was supposed to be going on and then it was just about execution. At this level, I found out early and it's the small little details that sets you apart."

(On his first test stepping up to replace Marlon Mack) "Yeah, I think I definitely have grown and I think it did go well. I'm sure there's going to be a lot more looks, but this is my first time so I'm sure there's going to be some looks that I haven't seen before, some new looks, and it's just going to be about staying in the books, staying in our protections and making sure that I'm one hundred percent. As long as everyone's on the same page with the same call, we should be good to go."

(On if he had a chance to talk to Mack) "I didn't get a chance to see him at halftime and I had to come in here to speak with you guys, so I've got to check with him and see how he's feeling, where his mind's at. I'm sure he's going to have some words for me. I think the biggest thing for me is take all the information, all the words from him. I'm sure he's going to have some things, some knowledge to share with me and I got to make sure I'm responding and soaking it all in."