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Cornerback D.J. Hayden: September 28, 2020

(On his assessment of the team through the first three weeks of the season) "I say a slow start. The first couple drives of the games, it's really slow for us. I think it's taken us a little time to get the blood flowing and everything, but it's a young team and we're still growing. Some guys [are] still learning, but I'm excited about this next up and coming week because I feel like we're going to play a lot faster."

(On what makes him feel like they are going to play faster this week) "[There's] a greater sense of urgency, body language. You know I'm a real superstitious type of guy and I just get feelings. It's just something I can't explain. There's no textbook of how to explain that. I just get good feelings."

(On what they have been working on to improve the pass defense) "I would say that we're focusing kind of more on the technique because I feel like some of the issues we've been having it's been technique involved. So, I feel like we're focusing on just back to the basics, back to the square one, technique, just have your eyes in the right spot where you're supposed to be. It's just basic football, that's all there is."

(On if he has any pregame superstitions) "Me personally when we come out like when we're lining up and they're doing the field goal. I mean not the field goal, what's it called? The coin toss or whatever. I like to look at the other quarterback and whoever I'm going to be guarding and just stare at them. I mean they can't see me but that's just me locking into them or something."

(On what he's going to have to do to lock into Bengals QB Joe Burrow) "We're going to have to lock in, strap up, get some pass break ups, get some turnovers, make him uncomfortable, get some sacks. We just have to ball out. The last two weeks, we didn't really get it done so we have to get it done this week."

(On how to help rookie CB CJ Henderson as a veteran player in the secondary) "You just have to kind of remind him every play, just be like, 'Hey hey, come on now, lock in.' [It's] just like little stuff here and there. It's just like quick reminders, just get him hype, but we all have to play. We all have to play."

(On his role in getting the young players on the same page on defense) "[I'm] just basically making sure that we're locking in on the little things like the little details. It starts with practice, lock in at practice. Do the right things so that all that stuff can transfer over in the game. For me being a veteran in the room, I think I probably have to do a good job of overemphasizing that and reminding them. Not just letting them hear from Coach [Marrone] but have them hear from one of their teammates as well and basically just leading the example. I might have to pop it off next week with a pick so everybody gets juiced or something, so we're going to have to do something though because this isn't going to ride the whole year. We're going to do it though, we got you though."

(On only having two sacks so far this year and what can be done to change that as a collective defensive unit) "I feel like it's been brought up and those guys know that and those guys are working hard to do a better job at that, but it's going to come. [We] just have to be a little patient. You can't play perfect all the time because it's just not a perfect world, but guys are going to make mistakes. I feel like this team, we're going to learn and correct the mistakes and get better from it and that's going to make us a better team in the long run. So, I'm excited for Josh [Allen] and all those guys. They're going to get after it though."

(On the play of the younger guys in Thursday night's game against the Dolphins) "CJ [Henderson] obviously had one rookie mistake and I think it was just little mistakes. It just kept tagging on. I feel like we didn't give up any big, explosive plays, but like Coach [Marrone] said, they kind of did this nickel and dime stuff, just stuff here and there. But little technique stuff can fix that stuff right away and we can fix it, so I'm excited."

(On if there are things defenses can do to a rookie quarterback versus a veteran quarterback) "You can do all that stuff to rookies and pros. I don't know, it just depends on the day, so we can sack him, pick him off. You can do that to a rookie or a pro. Joe Burrow, he's a good quarterback. Even from tape, they put up some points [even though] some stuff didn't fall their way. But we just have to go out there and play our football. Just go out there and play hard, play fast, technique, don't give up any little stuff, any explosives, and everything will take care of itself. We're winners, so just lock in on that and we'll be alright."

(On the decision to take the ball first instead of defer to the second half and if the defense wants a chance to prove that they can handle being on the field first) "To be honest, I really don't care. We're going to be out there regardless of whether we go out first [or] whether we go out second. Whichever team goes out there first, they just have to punch them in the face, whether it's the offense [or] whether it's the defense. It shouldn't matter who goes out there first. We should just go out there and play our type of football, so I don't know."

(On how motivating it is for the defense to see the offense lead comebacks) "[It's] just how like the offense makes plays, it gets us pumped up and when we make plays, it gets them pumped up. So, to go out there and see guys like James Robinson making plays, Laviska [Shenault Jr.] making plays, seeing DJ [Chark Jr.] making plays, Gardner [Minshew II] making plays, when those guys are out there making plays, they get us crunk on the sideline then we want to go out there and do something too. It's vice versa so the more we can do that, the better the Jaguars will be this year."