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LGT Vestra US Gridiron Grant

The NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, the UK's NFL home team, and Official UK Founding Partner LGT Vestra US have created a unique new university scholarship opportunity, the Gridiron Grant.

The Gridiron Grant is a first of its kind sports scholarship programme in the UK, offering a university scholarship to two students graduating from the JagTag programme, or who are involved in American football in their community each year. 

Students interested in the opportunity have until April 20th 2018 to apply for the Gridiron Grant, at which point a panel of experts that includes LGT Vestra US executives, Jaguars representatives and an education representative from the Government will select the recipients based on a range of criteria such as academic achievement, participation in American Football, commitment to the community and a demonstration of personal endeavour. The inaugural winners of the Gridiron Grant will be announced later this year following the completion of the academic year.

The Gridiron Grant marks the next step in the partnership between the Jacksonville Jaguars and LGT Vestra US, following the LGT Vestra US Reward Rows programme that saw more than 500 children who had completed the programme earn the chance to go to Wembley to watch the Jaguars v Ravens in September last year for free.

The Jaguars and LGT Vestra US are committed to continuing to collaborate on community projects as a key pillar of their partnership, such as the Gridiron Grant, with the aim of generating a positive impact on the community in London through a range of American football related activities, fostering further growth of the game at a grassroots level and importantly providing opportunities for young people to prosper.

Don't miss out, download the application forms now.