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Head Coach Doug Marrone: Friday, September 25

(On an injury update and if he will be bringing in a new kicker) "I think Andrew [Wingard]'s going to go out there Monday when we get back out on the field Monday, so he's going to get back out there and see if he can play through it. So, that's where we'll be with him Monday. We'll know a little bit more then, that's [with Andrew] Wingard. Then [Brandon] Linder will be out there Monday, so I feel good about that. [We're] just trying a couple different things just seeing where he's at, so I feel good about that. [With] DJ [Chark Jr.], we're just really waiting for some tests and once those tests clear [and] what [else] he has to do. He's fine, so that's what we're waiting on with him. Leon [Jacobs] is out for the year. He'll be on IR. Brandon Wright has a groin [injury] so yes, we're going to bring in kickers on Monday to look at where we are there, and I think that's all of it."

(On the impact of not having WR DJ Chark Jr. not on the field last night) "I don't want to not credit Miami, they did a nice job obviously, but I think anytime you lose someone that's a leader and just a really good football player and someone where people are going to look at us and say, 'Hey listen, how do we stop this guy?' I think it always hurts and then you get the old [saying] 'we want people to step up and do a better job and kind of make up for it.' We just didn't make the plays we needed to last night. There's a lot of things that I'll be able to talk about or questions I'll be able to answer, but it always hurts when you lose the top player at that position. Whether it be [him or] Brandon at center, but teams do it and it happens throughout the league. You just have to be able to overcome those things and I just felt like we didn't really have an opportunity to really help our guys because of the way the game was being played, how we got down early."

(On the biggest problem the team is facing defensively) "I think there's a point where you can watch during the game where we start to settle down. I think there seems to be technique things, there's just some eyes unfocused and just to a point of going out there and really being technically sound, fundamentally sound, and just be so locked in with some of these guys that you can react to things. I think that we talked about it this morning, talked a little about it last night, watched the film again and we talked about it again this morning and we just have to be able to get them out there and put them in a position where they can do those things. They do it during the week, but there seems to be, on all of us, that we just have to do a better job early on. This has been going on now for a couple weeks, as the game goes on, you can see where now all of a sudden, it's starting to play the way we want them to play from the beginning. We just have to be able to get them off to that start and we're going to discuss that when we all get together."

(On if the lack of pass rush is due to not wanting to leave the young secondary on their own to defend) "I think when you look at it, a lot of the passes are not really getting behind us, from a standpoint of over the top throws. Most of these throws are in this under 12 or 13-yard radius, so I think it's a combination of we have to do a couple things better. I feel comfortable because they're more technique, fundamental things that we need to do to disrupt the passing game and try to do a better job there, so I see it as that. I think last night we pressured quite a bit, but you could see at times when max protection comes into play, now all of a sudden, and you're not getting to the quarterback, that's a long time. It's tough for us to run with some of these guys or some of these bigger guys. I think it's a combination of a lot of things, so we have to just keep working to improve fundamentally first. We're in position, but we haven't defended many balls. We haven't in the last two games. We have to get our hands on more balls. In the first game, we did. [In] the last two we haven't at all, so those are the things that we're looking at and trying to improve upon."

(On if WR Keelan Cole Sr. injured his wrist last night) "He's okay, he's good."

(On why QB Gardner Minshew II couldn't move the ball against the Dolphins defense and how they can combat those issues) "I think it's really just a matter of you're trying to get chunks, you're trying to create chunk plays. I think that when you feel the pressure of trying to be able to score to get yourself back into a game, you're going to look downfield. Then later in the game as the clocks starts to go down, you start to realize that we've got to try to get a chunk play somewhere and it's tough. Every defense that you face is going to make sure that you don't get the ball behind them, that's the fastest way to score. I just think that he [QB Gardner Minshew II] was looking for those things and I think Miami did a good job disrupting routes early on, getting their hands on us. They did a nice job with some three-man rushes with eight guys dropping, which is always difficult on any quarterback, but they mixed it up pretty good with the coverages. I look at where we were offensively as far as not being able to play the type of game where have the play action, we have running game, we have the screen game, intermediate pass, taking our shots when we want to. A lot of it was forced to try to get the ball vertically down the field against a team that's defending the ball vertically down the field."

(On if he should use explosive rookies RB James Robinson and WR Laviska Shenault Jr. more) "I like getting the ball to those guys. I think [Keelan] Cole [Sr.]'s playing really well for us right now. I think Laviska [Shenault Jr.] shows what he can do after the catch. Obviously, James [Robinson] we've seen. [I'd] like to see Collin [Johnson] do some things for us on the outside. We know about Chris [Conley] and we know about DJ [Chark Jr.]. So, to answer your question, yeah, I think we would like to do that. Teams are creating a lot of one-on-ones for us up front. I think overall we started out in pretty good shape and then all of a sudden we get on one of those back to back things where we have two poor plays in a row and lead to back to back [punts]. I think those guys can make plays. How we get them the ball is important. Schematically, I think it's a little bit easier when it's a little bit tighter. You can play action and do things like that, move them around, get them going. We do have all that stuff in our package, so I have no issues getting it to them. Those guys can make plays and I like the way they are with the yards after the catch. You're right, these guys can catch the ball in intermediate areas and break tackles. I thought James has done a good job of that. I think Laviska's done a good job of that."

(On if he thinks he needs to bring more safety help to assist rookie CB CJ Henderson) "I'm sure CJ [Henderson] wants to play better. I think that we all want to play better, so I think it's a matter of just the fundamentals, day in and day out. The one thing that's always interesting to me, having been in this thing awhile, [is] that [in the] corner position, you go lights out for 60-something plays to maybe defend four balls and you don't know when they're coming. We just have to do a better job on both sides of really disrupting some of these receivers because it's so difficult in this day in age to not hinder anything or not put pressure or you can't move the quarterback. I mean if someone's going to drop back and throw it [and] that player's going to be not disrupted in any way, it seems like it's too easy, whether it be our team doing it against another team or a team doing it against us. I think when you look at plays that don't perform well or don't execute well, a lot of it in the passing game is really you're able to disrupt something: disrupt the protections, disrupt the route, get your hands on the football. Those are the things that you have to be able to do to stop someone from throwing the football. Right now, we've tried a couple things. I think we're settling into what we have to do to work on to get better. I think, like I said, it's early and [we're] just really starting to know what we have to do when we get on that field."

(On the choice of not deferring the coin toss versus not appearing to give up on the defense) "I don't know if it's not giving up, I don't want to say that. I think that what I am looking at potentially [is] taking the ball first. I think I'm trying to get a peak at what's going on and how we can settle these guys down more. So, I think we're going to have these discussions, but it's not anything that I'm looking at going, 'No, I would never do that', so it's definitely something that's on the table. Before I ever make a decision like that, I want to learn more about it. Even when I do make the decision, I always still talk about game day winds and things like that come into play. Where before I've always been [one to] defer, I think now whatever can help our football team, we'll do."

(On what QB Gardner Minshew II saw on his third down run and the miscommunication in handling the blitz on fourth down) "[On] the first one was, we knew we were going to have two downs to go for it. We really felt like we had a good play. We had everything sealed off on the inside and then I believe it was #55, the linebacker, jumped outside of Chris [Thompson] so we actually had two players outside of him. That's something that we haven't [been] shown so when we tossed the football, we had a player free in the alley. Normally on alignment, one guy's going to be inside and one guy's on the outside, but we had the tackle for the outside guy, Jawaan [Taylor], but the [line]backer wound up playing outside so we left a guy outside. [It was] a good play by them. We didn't see that defense coming up. He just jumped outside for whatever reason or else we would've had a good gain, so we got out-executed on that one. The next one was the right tackle has to come down and take the guy over where Andrew [Norwell] was. Andrew's coming down on the mug on the inside and then a right tackle comes down and we have to throw it hot off the defensive end."

(On if the defensive giving up early leads affects the offensive game plan) "I think in this past game, it did. I don't think in the other two [games] I feel like it had. The one perspective I always have is that, and it's the same probably perspective you guys have, you're watching a game and you're feeling like the momentum's going this way or going that way and then how do you gain it back, how do you do it. There's a lot. It just felt like a chase. I think what you want to do is you plan all week is to be in a game that can potentially come down to the final drive. So, you want to be able to be in it to where you're able to use all the tools you have and be able to run it play action, boot, naked, whatever it is and keep that going. That's the other thing, [if you] went back and looked at the third downs or you're coming out and you're having to throw to push the ball down the field and score, now your third downs could potentially be longer than if you're running the ball getting five yards and then maybe you get another two and its third-and-3, the manageable situations, then your third down percentage is going to go up. I think conversely when you look at what teams are doing to us, I think [on] third-and-1 to 6, we're only winning 27 percent of the time. That's something people are [doing], keeping the chains in their favor, and I think that's why we're struggling to get off the field defensively."

(On if the team will choose not to defer when winning the coin toss and if he will have to blitz more in order to create more of a pass rush) "I think there's a lot [that goes] into it. I think with the coin toss, we said yes, we're looking at that, whatever we can do to help the team get off to a better start. There's a lot of things that go into that, but it's not something that's off the table as far as whether we want to receive it or defer. Right now, it's on the table. We're talking about it. [If] that's something that's going to help the team, we'll do it. [The answer to] the next question is I think we pressured quite a bit last night on first down, second down, third down, all three downs. We've got to find a way to obviously disrupt the quarterback. We have to find a way to get to it. I think there's some technique stuff popping up a little bit and we're a little short. We could've had a couple sacks, but we didn't because we were kind of peaking a little bit. I think we have to be able to disrupt in the backend and get the quarterback not to feel comfortable with non-contested type routes and throws, which I know we can do a better job of that. But going into it, I think it's something we're going to discuss. I think I've looked at whether you bring five, six, seven, or eight, in other words, the percentages of plays and what happens and what works. A lot of it's going to depend on matchups, who you have on the outside, how you feel about it. I think we'll continue to mix it up. I think we had some good run stops with some of the pressure. You saw the safeties making plays off the corners. If it was play action, then they'd be matched up on a back. We got it against the runs, which is fine. I think there's a lot of things that you look at: maybe where the guys are playing, who's rushing them, what positions, are we putting enough pressure on the protection where maybe they don't know who's coming, and bringing different guys. [We're] trying to look at certain things like that so right now really everything's on the table because we're not doing what we like to do and put them in these tough situations. But again, it's easier when you're trying to push the ball down the field in third-and-long than when people are running pivot routes and stick routes and crossing routes, where everything's a little bit underneath you. That ball's coming out a little bit quicker and I think it all starts with, 'Hey listen, we have to a lot better on first and second down' and get them into this third-and-7 plus and then really get a good evaluation for what we have to do. I think it's really both ends. We have to do a better job upfront and in the backend, so we all have to improve for us to get the results we want."