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Jaguars Cornerback CJ Henderson - September 13, 2020

(On if his first NFL game was as good as he could have imagined) "I mean, I imagined better, but I'm thankful for it. I'm ready to get back to work on Monday."

(On his first career interception) "It felt good. It was a great play. I studied hard all week, and I was prepared for it, not that it was a surprise to me. But I've got a lot to work on, so I'm going to get started on that."

(On proving people wrong about his tackling ability) "No, I'm not here to prove anybody wrong. I'm here to prove myself right and not worry about what other people have to say, because that would affect the way I play."

(On whether he baited Colts QB Philip Rivers on his interception) "I saw the ball the whole way with the coverage we were playing, but I was scared as hell that I was going to drop it. So I caught it the way I did and celebrated after."

(On what he imagined for his NFL debut, since he said he imagined better) "If I tell you, it probably won't happen so I'm going to keep working and just keep working. I'm about to go home to all my family and a whole bunch of messages, but I'm going to try to block it out and get ready for the next week because I've got to do it again."

(On the Jaguars creating their own energy) "All these guys love playing football. That's the biggest thing and that's what helps us get by every day. It's a long season, and you get through that by being happy with everyone you see in the building every day. Everybody in the locker room knows we have each other's back regardless of what the outcome is. That allows everyone to play to their highest potential."