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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: Thursday, December 10, 2020

(On facing the Tennessee Titans and RB Derrick Henry again this season) "Obviously, he's the one that makes them go. Once they get their running game going, then they can get into their play action and [take] their shots towards their wideouts and their tight ends. But we've been talking all week long. Obviously, he's a big physical downhill runner and he's tough to tackle; that's been proven for the last three or four years, with anybody that plays him. So, we've got to do a good job of getting population to the football, try to have good angles to keep him from bouncing outside, when he can get on these smaller bodies. So, it's just going to be important for us to be able to set edges, try to keep him in between the tackles. And then when we get the opportunity, we've got to be able to defeat his stiff arm and tackle him."

(On whether you change your practice routine when preparing to face Titans RB Derrick Henry) "I mean, obviously, we work as much tackling as we possibly can. But for him, we do a lot of work, each week when we play Tennessee, on his stiff arm. We've seen it, once again, many, many times. He's got a [heck] of a stiff arm and we work drills specifically, obviously this week, when we go against Derrick every time we play him. So, his stiff arm is something that we work on each week when we play him."

(On what makes Titans TE Jonnu Smith a tough matchup) "Well, his size and his speed is a tough matchup. Obviously, we were looking at the injury report yesterday to see where he was at and he was at limited participation. But you know, he's a tough draw just because he can run so well and he's a big body. I think he runs very precise routes for a tight end. To me, he's one of the better tight ends in the league that you've got to defend. Obviously, there's a couple that are elite, but he's one of the best ones and just the size and the speed is a tough matchup."

(On Titans QB Ryan Tannehill's growth over the years) "I think he's been very consistent. But like I said, it all starts with the running game, when they can get that rolling. And then, obviously, the play action game is what Tannehill really thrives on, is the play action game. So, we've got to be able to hopefully stop the run and get him in situations where it's going to be a drop-back instead of play action. You know, your linebackers are trying to get downhill and then all of a sudden, they drop one behind you. So, to me, he's playing very consistently. Obviously, he doesn't make a lot of poor decisions with the football. But to me, it all starts with the running game and their play action."

(On what goes into preparing for a stiff arm) "Well, we just do drills and stuff. We emphasized this week, chopping it and then trying to get your eyes to his thighs and stuff. So, it's just one thing. I mean, everybody works on it, but this week, we specifically set time aside to make sure we're working on how to defeat a stiff arm."

(On DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson's growth thus far) "I think, obviously, it's been a process for KC. But we've always seen him play hard and we knew that the athleticism and stuff was there. I think he's done a nice job of really working on his technique to get better. You see some different pass rush moves instead of just the only one that he really used early on in the season. So, you see his technique developing and it showed on Sunday. I think he played extremely well. He was physical in the run game and he had some disruption on the quarterback. And I think the intelligence of the young man, the work ethic of the young man, he's only going to get better in time."

(On what he's seen from the development of the defense's consistency in the last month) "Yeah, I think a lot of it is they've just gotten better. We've played a lot of young players and some—we were looking at our unit yesterday ... We look out there and three or four of them weren't even on our team when we broke training camp and now they're starting for us. So, I think it just takes some time to learn the system, know what is expected of them within the system and, through trial and error, they're learning how to play and I think they're getting better. And that's the biggest thing we look at as a coaching staff and we talk about, is continue to get these guys better, they'll make plays and give them an opportunity to compete on Sunday."

(On the differences of Titans RB Derrick Henry between September and December) "I think, obviously, he gets stronger as the season goes. And I think, at times, when you play a lot, and maybe if you don't, I think defensively, you get a little tired also. But we've got to do a better job of tackling late in the year. That's what it was when you look at the last couple of years when we've played him. Like the 99-yarder, I think there [were] five missed tackles on that flight. So, we've got to do a better job at tackling. Usually, earlier on in the year, because you're coming out of training camp and stuff like that, you've really emphasized tackling and all of those good things. But late in the year, you're not practicing in pads as much, obviously you're not hitting and tackling. So, I think that's been some of it, that's why we've been really emphasizing that we've got to be able to tackle this guy and then, obviously, here it is, late in the year again."