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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: Thursday, October 22, 2020

(On the confidence from Head Coach Doug Marrone saying that Coach Wash is his defensive coordinator) "You know, I think it's—obviously it's great. But Doug's got to do what's best for the organization, one way or the other, and it's not about a friendship or anything like that. It's about us trusting each other and we're going to continue working together as long as we can and try to win as many football games as we can."

(On the effort from the team and the talent on the roster comparatively) "I agree, the talent is there. We've just got to be able to continue to put them in the right spots. And when they're in the right spots, we've got to make plays. But I think we have some talented guys on this defense. We've just got to continue to get better. We're just young at this point in time."

(On DE Adam Gotsis' performance) "Yeah, Adam is a great story, he's a great person. But what he's brought is a level of toughness for us. I think he does a really good job in what we're asking him to do; playing the run on first and second down, he's stout at the point of attack, and I think he does a nice job of leading those guys with the work ethic that he brings in every day. So, it's a heck of a story and I think he's got a lot of football ahead of him."

(On the similarities between the Jaguars current defense and the old Seattle Seahawks defense) "I would say we continue to play the 3-deep concepts and how we handle the race routes, and stuff like that, is very similar. But even out in San Francisco with Gus [Bradley], a little bit in Atlanta with Rich [Smith], everybody has kind of put their own twist on it—especially on third down, everybody's got a little different philosophy. But on first and second down, there's a lot of it that has the same similarities that we had in Seattle."

(On the plan against Chargers QB Justin Herbert) "The first thing that pops off the tape is obviously his ability to handle pressure. You look at the analytic side of things, his quarterback rating is higher than it is pressure than it is without pressure. So, he handles pressure really well. I think he's got a big-time arm, he can make all the throws, he avoids the rush well and he's a good athlete. But for us, the biggest thing is we've got to try to pressure him and play some man-to-man in the back end. Obviously, they've got some very good skill position players that we've got to take care of. But I still think if you can rattle a quarterback, your chances of winning go up."

(On DE Aaron Lynch potentially returning next week) "You know, obviously he's not in the building, we've got to wait six days for all the protocol stuff to kick through. He's able to be in meetings by Zoom and what we see is a real long athlete, has the ability to rush the passer. Obviously, we were excited about him when we signed him in the offseason. [He] had a little time off, so it's going to take him some time to get back into shape, but once he gets back in here and gets working out, I think we're going to see the player that we signed in free agency; it's the ability to play on the line of scrimmage and affect the quarterback."

(On where the pressure comes from on interceptions) "For us, we basically tell them, 'Hey, if you play the technique right, you play the coverage right, you're going to have opportunities,' and that has shown up the last couple games. Even Jarrod Wilson, when he got his [against Houston], it was nothing but a tip ball and he was playing with great effort getting to the ball. So, I think if you play hard and you play with the right fundamentals, the game is going to come to you and you're going to have opportunities for plays –and that's what's happened the last couple weeks with our guys in the back end."

(On whether the defenders need to just do what they can to get their hands on the ball) "Yeah, we talk about it in our room, when we talk about tips and overthrows and everybody says, 'We've got to get those.' That's a main philosophy of ours on defense. If we can get that ball up in the air and all 11 guys are getting to the football, obviously the opportunities are increased for us to make a play. So, we talk about tips and overthrows all the time—and playing with good effort so you have [opportunities]."

(On who has the advantage of having familiarity between the Chargers offense and the Jaguars defense) "I think offense really tries to scheme it. We see that with Jay [Gruden] during training camp and I'm sure Gus [Bradley] sees it at his place. So, they're going to try to scheme us and do some things that are a little bit unorthodox. We've seen that last year when we've played them, there [were] a couple things down in the red zone where we go, 'That's not even a concept we normally see, obviously there's been some communication going on.' So, we try to change some things up. I think tendencies are big when you go into this game, when they have an idea of when you're playing what and how you're playing it. And we've got to break those tendencies, both Gus and myself."