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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: Thursday, October 5, 2020

(On the improvement on the pass rush game) "You know, I think we've done a [much] better job of getting them on third-and-7 plus, which allows our defensive line, obviously, to pin their ears back. It's not a 50-50 down for them. And then we've also been bringing a little bit more pressure that statistically has shown, not only on just first and second downs, run-stopping pressures Then on third down we're bringing a little bit more pressure. But I think a lot of it has to do with just getting those guys in third-and-7 plus situations."

(On DE Josh Allen's progress) "Yeah, I think it's the key with a lot of players. If they stay healthy and they've got the skill set to play at this level, that they're going to have production. And you see him out there in practice these last couple weeks, and even last week and this week when we practiced, he's really moving around well. His change of direction, he doesn't have a little stutter when he changes direction. So, I think we're going to continue to see him improve as the season goes on; if he stays healthy."

(On DT DaVon Hamilton's performance and development) "You know, he's a big, strong, physical guy. What we've kind of seen as the season has gone on, he's played well. Maybe hadn't play as well and then played well again, so we've had a little bit of ups and downs. And I think that is just part of being a rookie, at this phase, missing the whole offseason and stuff like that. They're continuing to develop. But you see the stoutness that we like in the run game. His ability to run, he plays real hard and extremely smart, so we can do a lot of different things with him. Move him, have some design stuff for him, because he is intelligent. But I think he's going to be a solid player in this league for a while."

(On S Daniel Thomas' progress over the next few weeks) "You know, I think he's got a good skill set. Once again, he's a rookie and that kind of stuff. He's learning as we go. There [are] some things that we can do, packages wise, to get Daniel in there, but he does have play-making ability. We've got to make sure that he understands everything we're asking him to do. And we'll see what happens in the next coming weeks in the season."

(On what creative plans they came up with during the bye week) "You know, looking back at the bye week, a lot of it, what we figured out is when our guys know what they're doing and they're out there, they can play well. And we've had some spurts of some good things, but the biggest thing for us, is we've got to continue to put them in the right spots. And when they get in those right spots, they've got to be able to make some plays. But I think any time you get a bye week, you get to build a self-scout yourself, even in great detail. You get a little bit more time to teach some stuff and as we say each week, it's Thursday, so we'll see what happens when we get to the game."

(On what it's been like as a coach with all of the uncertainties this year) "Well, I think a lot of it is, you've got to make sure your backups are ready to play. Obviously, we know injuries are part of the game and guys are going to end up getting necked-up and not be able to play. But this could happen on a Saturday morning, with the testing and the stuff that we have. So, I think it's key that you're making sure that you're getting a lot of guys ready to play a game. We do a lot of rotating in practice, trying to get the backups ready in case that they need to play. The reps are a little bit different than we've done in the past, just to make sure if something does happen, we've got people ready to play and they're ready to go. So, that's the biggest adjustment. Usually, it's only injuries—why guys aren't playing. But this year, a lot of strange things can happen and we've got to do the best we can to prepare for it."

(On whether it's business as usual even with the Houston Texans player testing positive) "Well, you try to make it that way, we're routine-driven; the players, the coaches and that kind of stuff. But I think we have plans in place in case something happened. But we just got [thrown] a curve ball about a player today—it doesn't have anything to do with COVID-19, but all of a sudden, he's not practicing and we have a package for him. So, we've got to make some adjustments and that kind of stuff and that's just what you do as a coach and as a player."

(On what the toughest challenges are for DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson) "I think the biggest thing for him—it's tough as a rookie d-lineman, especially as a pass rusher, to come in and make an impact right away, especially when you haven't had an offseason. We see flashes of good rushes, we see him beating guys, maybe the ball is out and that kind of stuff. I know we've sat down and made a list of things that he needs to get better at. And he's getting better as the season has gone on, it's just too bad that we don't have an offseason for some of these young pass rushers and some of these young players."

(On whether there has been consideration of moving DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson to another position) "No."