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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, November 15, 2020

(on if this was the most physical the team has played all season) "I'm not sure about that. I mean, I'm just thinking about the game we just played. I'm not evaluating the other games, but I thought we came out there and we came up short."

(on his overall thoughts about the game) "Well, I'll probably answer everyone's questions right now. I thought coming out early, I thought our defense really did well, being able to stop them. It worked out where he got them out and were able to get good field position on two drives that I thought maybe we should have come out with points and we didn't come out with points on it. I thought we were running the ball well, but we couldn't continue to stay on the field in the first half on third down, which we were 0-4. I think that would have helped us, if we were able to pick those up. They seemed like they were manageable at that time. Thought the special teams kept us in the game. Thought Logan, you know what I'm saying, was doing a good job punting. And obviously, Keelan Cole with the big return. He out-kicked the coverage; Keelan took advantage of it. Good job by everybody on that team, got the game close. Then we gave up a long play, the 78-yard touchdown. That was tough, we just got beat. Just ran by us in three-deep. After that I thought we could have got off the field on third down when they scored the other touchdown if we just tackle the back in the flat. We weren't able to do that. I thought coming out, I thought for sure they would take the ball and the wind, because the wind played a factor in the fourth quarter. Once they didn't do that, I thought OK, if we can survive this third quarter, we'd have a really great chance of winning this football game. We survived the third quarter, went into the fourth quarter and we had some tough penalties that reduced a touchdown to a field goal. You know, that was a four-point swing. That was disappointing. We missed some plays. I thought overall, you're going to ask me about Jake (Luton), I thought overall, he did well…he threw the pick. Tyler (Eifert) slipped…Chris (Conley) slipped. And pretty much at the end of the game where we needed to get something done, I thought the line did a good job all game, and I thought at the end we gave up too much pressure and we weren't able to get the ball down field. That's pretty much how I feel about the game."

(on the wind being a factor today) "I think if you watch the game, with the amount, with way the field position, with the way punting, with the way the kicking, the wind was swirling. You know, normally…actually it was a cross-the-field wind which you don't usually get here in Green Bay, so that was a little bit different. So, yes, it did have…at least for me, I felt it did have an effect on the game."

(on why he didn't choose to run the ball late in the fourth quarter) "Well, again, that's a good point. We ran it on the third-and-one on the last series. You know, you got a first down…to get another four (downs). But I think, Gene (Frenette), those are good questions. Obviously, we felt we had a good play call. We thought we were going to get the ball down the field. We felt good. Both their corners were out. But again, when it doesn't work, I totally agree with you. That's something that we'll go back, and probably should have run the football. You know, you're right."

(on how much this loss hurts) "I want to make sure I answer this the right way. Every time you play and lose, for me, I'm not going to talk about anybody else, it's something that's in my soul that just gets (expletive) ripped out. So, that's how I feel. So, it doesn't matter whether it's this game or the other seven before … and it's something that you can't replace. At least that's how I feel. I appreciate the question, though."

(on their approach defensively in the game and if they changed anything at halftime) "I thought the wind, to me, was a factor, you know what I'm saying, and being able to do that early and give us a chance with them going against the wind. You know, knowing that we've got to knock out the run. I thought we did a good job. I thought we just made some mistakes with some of those runs. But I thought overall, it was good to see the defense looking like they were having some fun out there. I know we gave up plays. I understand that, but I thought they were playing physical, you know what I'm saying. They were doing a good job and they got the two turnovers which we needed, all the things we talked about that we probably needed to do to win the game. Outside of maybe doing something a little bit better, those were critical things: do something on special teams, be able to run the football even though we got caught early on, we're not having enough opportunities, the time of possession. Well, that was the kickoff, the punt return for a touchdown, it's hard to get the time of possession back when something like that occurs. So I think, at the end of the day, we got the game and then we just couldn't make the plays that were out there, that we had an opportunity to make to win the game. That's why we lost. 

(on if he sees any positives coming out of this game) "You know, Mark, I, I appreciate that, and I'd really love to jump on it, you know what I'm saying, to try to bring something where I can feel pretty good. I think that's something that is basically up to the people that are watching the game and writing [about] it. I really don't think, fans or whoever really, I don't know. You guys know more than me. All I know is that, we're putting everything in this thing and we're, we're fighting our butts off. We're doing everything we possibly can, you know what I'm saying. We're coming up short. And it's hard. I'm not going to lie. It's hard, and I just want to do the best job I can for these coaches and players to keep them going so they can continue to get better. I do see that. I think if I wanted to feel good about myself, I think you can talk about some of the play or some of the players, individuals and these units and things like that, and guys are playing, different guys. We're missing two starters on offense and those guys are going in there. You know, it's the league. And I don't think, I've always been … you know, like, I just sit here when people ask me about when you lose about finding the positives and all of the other stuff. I just think if anyone reads, reads that or it's a quote by me or anything like that, it's just … I don't know. I just don't want to, for some reason, I just don't want to go there. So I apologize for that because, and maybe it's hard for me after a game, you know what I'm saying, to really try to kind of say where everyone's going or not. I mean, I've been in this thing a long time and I, I love this game, but, you know, I meant what I said when Gene asked that question. A lot of times people are going to go ahead and, the game's over and life moves on. Well, it doesn't move on for, for us, you know. It sits there. It's … you know, it is what it is."