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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, November 22, 2020

(On whether Jaguars Owner Shad Khan has given him any assurance for the rest of the season) "No."

(On how those conversations with Jaguars Owner Shad Khan are going) "Just how we're going to approach our opponent. You know, kind of game plan. That's it."

(On QB Jake Luton's performance today) "I thought it was a tough day for him."

(On why it was a tough day for QB Jake Luton) "Probably a little bit of everything. We're playing a defense—they're mixing it up a bunch, pressuring enough, so there's a lot of things going on out there. So, it was a tough day."

(On pregame expectations of the Steelers defense's effect on the QB position and whether they considered putting in backup QB Mike Glennon) "Yeah, I mean, they've been doing a lot. They've been doing it against everyone. I kind of went back and forth a little bit and in truth, just thinking to myself, 'Do we keep him in there? You talk about getting him experience. Is that going to give him experience? Is that good enough for where we are?' I think during the week we'll evaluate it. I don't think I'll have an answer on Monday, when I get asked the question. But I think as the week goes, we'll take a look and see what we can do, what's the best thing for our team."

(On whether he has an update on DE Josh Allen's knee injury) "No. I don't DiRoc [Mike DiRocco], I'm sorry. One of the things I'll reiterate to you guys, so afterwards, unless it's something drastic that they know—like Daniel Thomas will be out, he'll go into IR—but the other guys, they don't—the other ones, they won't tell me about until later on. So that's really the only one I can give you right now. So I'm sure he'll go on IR at some point during the week."

(On the early momentum with the first drive) "Yeah, I felt like we came out, we were able to drive the ball. We fell short, we kicked a field goal, I tried to steal a possession with the onside kick. And then all of a sudden we hold them, they miss a field goal and then it's kind of a battle after that. We got our hands on three balls in the first half. We got the one pick at the end of the half. But you know, we could've had a couple others. They got their hands on two and made the other one pick; for them. I thought the key thing was in the red zone, the tipped ball. We had the opportunity to get points there and go in. And we really made it close, the guys that were out there. We got some penalties that gave them some big plays and they were able to take advantage of it. I mean, it was a hard-fought game. I thought at times we stopped the run well, but at times you saw that we were in position and we just couldn't make the tackles. So it's not—like I keep saying every week—it's not from a lack of effort and I wish I could do a better job for these guys. And that's what I told them after the game."

(On the secondariy's performance today even with the injuries) "I thought they were playing with a ton of effort. I thought that Ben made some really great throws and they made some really great catches. I thought we were contesting some balls, like I said before, we got our hands on a couple, we couldn't come up with the turnover. But I was happy, I thought those guys were giving everything they have and playing well. I mean, they're a Top-10 offense and I thought we went in there and at least for three quarters, it was 17-3, I mean, we were battling."

(On RB James Robinson's performance) "Yeah, James is consistent. I think we got beat a couple times up front on some of those runs. But he gets the most out of everything. I mean, there's not much more we can ask from him. He's a bright spot, obviously, and he does well. I just feel bad that we can't get a lead and get him more carries. I think his production would be even higher. But like you said, we've just got to keep it, keep people off [the field]. And at times, just continue to do a good job on him. I mean, he's obviously a good football player for us."

(On how to keep this team from not getting too down under tough circumstances) "Yeah, that's a great question, Gene [Frenette]. I talked to the players after the game and obviously, we're all disappointed. And I told the players—I mean, this team has done everything they can. Like I said, I have zero issues, none. Everyone comes to practice, everyone works hard, everyone supports each other. It's—the record is obviously bad, I get that. I wish I could do something for them. But they're close, they're going to play for each other and the coaches, and the coaches are going to coach. For lack of a better term, we're all going to make sure that we do our job. But I think there's something in there with these guys. They care, you can tell. I mean, you don't play like they're playing if you don't care. And like I said before, I wish—I told them after the game, I said, 'Hey listen,' I said, 'I love this team.' and I do. I really do. I mean, there's an appreciation, despite the record—and everyone can say what they want—I'm not trying to defend anything. But there's some type of appreciation for when you get hit with all the adversity that we're getting hit with. You have a bunch of young men in that locker room and they're young guys. Their resiliency is really starting to show, and it'll continue to show—I really believe that—for the remainder of this season. And it's not a credit to me, it's a credit the locker room, because that's the one thing you can't really control as a coach. You can control practice times, you can control scheduling, you can control a lot of things, but you cannot control the heart and the soul of what goes on in that locker room. And it's such a fragile part of what we do as coaches and players, no different than the coaching staff. So I believe this team has it and I think that whatever happens in the future, these types of situations, they'll put a callus on some guys."

(On his greater concern for the players' well-being rather than on his own future) "Oh absolutely. I've never been about whatever holds me, Gene. I never have, never will. The one thing I'm motivated by is that one: someone's got to take charge and someone's got to be a leader. I know that people are going to say what they want, and I know what the record is, and it is what it is, I get it. Again, I'm not making any excuses. But in the same sense, when you see people trying it's very easy to give back. When you see people giving effort, it's very easy to give back. And whatever happens, at the end of the day—and I've said this a million times—at the end of the day, I'm going to have to look in the mirror and say, 'Okay, have I done everything I possibly can? Have I exhausted every avenue? Have I motivated to the best of my ability? Have I kept everything together?' And I'm not going to say that's a win, that's part of my job, that's my responsibility—and that's one I take a lot of pride in. And I haven't always been able to do that. And you guys know about the past, so I haven't been able to keep things together at times. But I feel like I owe these guys everything that I have. That's just how I feel."

(On the wide receiver position and changing things up) "Well, when you're coming in—we had problems, during the week, with our receivers, with the injuries. You know, obviously with Laviska [Shenault Jr.]. And I think if you look at the practices during the week, you looked at Collin [Johnson], we weren't sure if we were going to have him up. And we knew going in that we were probably going to go and be heavy with the three receivers [Keelan Cole, DJ Chark Jr. and Chris Conley]. So I think a lot of that really depended on how the week goes. We just wanted to make sure that we were backed up in case we had any injuries. Knowing that the next—knowing that if Terry [Godwin] came in or if Collin came in—at least Terry was healthy. Because we talked during the week on whether we were going with four or five. So Collin said he was ready to go, I trusted him, we put him in there and then we just had Terry up there, just to make sure that we were okay. So that was more of what happened during the week."

(On the status and performance at the tight end position) "Well, Ben [Ellefson] has been playing a bunch. So I have no issues with Ben. I mean, he's done—you talk about someone, I mean, North Dakota State, I think he was an ex-quarterback, started, he might've been a walk-on, I don't even know. But all of a sudden he makes the team and really came close to being on the roster early on and then really showed a lot of promise when we flexed him a couple of those games. From the ability to block, and he can run well enough at that position, I think. I really like him. I really think that he has the potential. Again, I'm not going to go too far, but you know he has the potential to be a guy that plays for a while. I mean, he does a nice job. Eric [Saubert] came in, we flexed him, put him on the roster and I just wanted to take a good look at him. You know, he's a guy that can run for the 'F' position. He's done some really nice things in practice, so we wanted to bring him up there. At the end of the day, I think Tyler [Eifert] did a nice job. We had him open on the seam, we kind of overthrew it, a little late from Jake [Luton]. [Tyler] made a nice play on the sail route. So, Tyler's a solid player, he's done a nice job."