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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, November 29, 2020

(On the decision to go for the 2-point conversion in the first half) "It's always been my philosophy that if there's a penalty on a play and it goes to the 1-[yard line], then I'm always going to go for two unless it's something where it's going to become a two score game. We had a run-pass option for that play and then they stacked the box, and they were bringing pressure on the weak side, so it caused us to throw it and we didn't execute it. But it's always been my philosophy from analytics, percentages, however you want to call it, unless obviously if the extra point puts you up by two scores then you're not going to do that."

(On QB Mike Glennon's performance and if it influences the choice of starting quarterback next week) "I mean it'd be ridiculous to say that it didn't have any bearing on it but I'm not ready or prepared right now to really answer any of those questions on who's going to be the quarterback [next week]. I thought Mike [Glennon] did a nice job though. I could talk about him today. I thought he made a lot of good throws. I thought he protected the football well. I think that he wishes he probably had a couple [throws] back, a couple sailed a little bit. But I thought [he did well] getting in us in and out of plays and making some big throws to guys that he might not have been working with. I think Collin Johnson came up big. Trey Quinn got hurt early in the game on the punt return. I thought those guys went in there and did a nice job and we just fell short. [In] the first half, defensively, I thought we had some manageable third downs that we could've gotten ahead of the sticks on or caused a punt. We didn't take advantage of that, I thought that hurt us. For us, we kicked two field goals. Obviously, that's something that we wanted to make sure we're able to score down there, but I thought it was pretty even going into the half. We missed a field goal at the end trying to get the ball down there to be able to score some points. When we came back out, I think the run game [was something] we were concerned about, [but] I thought we did a really good job of cutting off the runs on the frontside. We had free hitters on the backside that weren't able to go in there and make the plays and we gave up some big runs on that. I thought [Browns WR] Jarvis Landry had a hell of a game, but at the same time I thought that there were two or three balls we were close on that could've easily gone the other way. He's a good player and he made those plays on it. I thought James [Robinson] played really well for us. I mean that defense is very difficult to run the ball against. He had over 100 yards. I thought we protected well most of the game to give us an opportunity, but obviously we fell short."

(On an update on DT DaVon Hamilton's injury) "It didn't look good. I don't know the exact thing. I think we'll have to wait but I think it looks tough. I don't know if I officially can say it, but it didn't look good."

(On RB James Robinson's performance today) "I think it's the same thing we've seen all year, just a very productive player, very consistent, never becomes frustrated, just steady, just [a] steady football player that's always going to get you the positive yards, always going to give you unbelievable effort. I think that's the one thing that people miss a little bit with him is just the effort. I think the ball popped out on him one time today but that's the other thing. When you're giving great effort and you're still being able to hang on to the football, that's tough. A lot of times when you get into those piles, you're going to make decisions on whether to keep going for the extra yards or to go down because ball security sometimes becomes an issue, but not with him. I think he's shown that he's a really good football player and we're happy we have him. I think we had 20 something touches today for him, so I think that's a pretty good load."

(On the defensive effort despite missing players and members of the coaching staff) "I've said this from the beginning, I really am proud of the team. I'm not happy with the record and I'm frustrated with the record. Obviously, we all are so I don't want to go down that road, but as far as guys that are really trying and working hard and doing everything they possibly can. There's somethings that you kind of look at in the game, you're like, 'What were we thinking? What were you thinking there?' Sometimes that happens and [you] just have to play the play, just do your job at times and I think we've given up some plays that way. At the same time, I don't think we've been able to make some plays at key points in the game. But as far as their preparation for the week, like I said before, people can say what they want, obviously I understand that about the record, but as far as the character and all that stuff, these guys work hard. Right now, we're just not doing enough things to win football games."

(On not using RB James Robinson in the 2-point conversion attempt) "I think we would've gone into a goal-line situation there to be able to do that. We decided that we were going to go with the 12 personnel package and try to get in there. Then they put an extra guy at the edge, then we went with the pass. You know how I've always been. Obviously at the end of the day, I wish I would've went goal line and ran the ball because I can't defend a decision that didn't work out for us. I can only tell you what my thought process was going into it."