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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

(On rookies being ready for the season without training camp or preseason games) "It's the same thing, it's a credit to them. When they're in the building, they work extremely hard. In practice, they work extremely hard. As we got midway through the season, it's basically like finishing up an offseason, with a lot less individual and technique work, but it's a credit to them about how they've come in, studied, learned, and did the best that they can. I think they're both playing, or really about four or five of them, that are really playing hard, doing what we ask them to do and they're only going to get better as time goes on. So, it's a credit to them about preparing themselves to get ready to play early."

(On DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson's progress) "It's the same thing, he's got a great work ethic. I think he's a better young man than he is a football player, which obviously you want great character and great football players, and I think we got that with him. But he's worked extremely hard since he's been here of trying to improve his game and getting better and better each week. His snap count, we have to continue to get more and more snaps out of him. That's conversations that [Defensive Line Coach Jason Rebrovich] Rebs and I have had that we have to continue to get more and more reps because he's going to get better and it shows. I think these next two games, obviously he'll continue to improve. Hopefully, we can get him to get a couple sacks and that kind of stuff, which obviously he's dying for at this point in time. But he works his tail off to get better each and every day, studies, and you're starting to see some of the benefits of that hard work."

(On former Jaguar and current Bears WR Allen Robinson II) "Obviously, he can run. He is a big, long player that he's really developed how to come in and out of cuts. You see him in his route running, it's really gotten a lot better. He's been gone [from Jacksonville] for a while, but you've seen the maturity in his game get better and better. The quarterback [Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky] likes to go to him so obviously we have to do some things to try to take care of him, if it's doubles, if it's clouding him, whatever we need to do because he's their go-to guy. Especially when they get down in the high red [zone] and the red [zone], they really like to go to him. We have to know where he's at at all times, but he's a very explosive wide receiver and he's a matchup nightmare one on one."

(On preparing to face former players) "You're going to do your work regardless of who it is. One of the benefits is you get to see the guys again. Last week it was awesome to see [former Jaguar and current Ravens DE] Yan[nick Ngakoue]. [I] talked to him for quite a while with our masks on before the game, make sure I mention that, and talked to [former Jaguar and current Ravens DE] Calais [Campbell]. Obviously, that's one of the benefits of playing guys that used to be here, but obviously with A-Rob [Bears WR Allen Robinson II], we know what kind of player he is. He's over 1,000 yards [receiving] on this season. It's just somebody we've put a lot of time in because his game has changed since he's been here and the offense is different. You have to put in the work regardless if they've been here or not."

(On Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky) "I think their coaching staff in the last couple weeks, [Bears Offensive Coordinator] Bill [Lazor] and [Bears Head Coach] Matt [Nagy], have done a really good job of moving him. He's run an extremely high amount of boots and stuff like that where he's out in space, where he's got a little bit [of space]. It's not a true run-pass option, but he's out in space. They do a lot of sprint game and stuff like that, quick game. Really, I think they've done a real nice job of figuring out what he does and what he does well and that's what they're doing. You don't see a lot of drop back and just air it out. It's boots, control passing game and he's had a lot of success these past couple weeks at it. For us, we have to try to make it difficult for him in the boots and make sure we match those nice and tight, maybe slow down some defensive ends so we have some pressure on him on the boots. But they've done a real nice job of playing to his strengths the last two weeks and you can see that with his quarterback rating."