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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

(Opening Statement) "I just wanted to say, obviously I looked at the media schedule and unless something crazy comes up, I won't be available on Friday. I talked to the players today and I just wanted to make sure that, there's a lot that's gone on this year, whether it be COVID, social justice, the season the way it's going, and we don't always go through that just alone. We're all going through this together. I think I just want to make sure I reiterate, and I really believe this, that you guys go through it too with us and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone and wish everybody a happy holiday and a time that you can spend it with family and friends and maybe get away from this for a moment. I don't really even know the words, probably because of my lack of education, that can really describe how appreciative I am of the way you guys have approached your jobs in regards of my situation, so I really do appreciate that. I truly wish everyone a happy holiday. With that, go ahead and ask me the questions that you hate to ask."

(On RB James Robinson not being selected for the Pro Bowl) "Obviously, it's going to be biased, right? I'm the coach, but I think the two guys that come to my mind are James Robinson and Myles Jack for the years that they've had. It's unfortunate. When you don't win games, these things happen. That was my thing [with] the players when I was a position coach and guys would talk about it, individual goals. I used to tell them, I say, 'When you win, these are where these [go]', especially with the o-line. In New Orleans, we had a couple [Pro Bowlers]. We'd have one if we didn't have a good year. We'd have like three or four sometimes, well three really, if we had a good year. So, that's part of it. It's just unfortunate because statistically they've earned that right. It's tough, but I thought those two players were deserving of that honor."

(On if not getting selected for the Pro Bowl will be motivation for RB James Robinson) "That's a good question. I don't see James [Robinson] [having] outside influences being a motivation for him, but that may be the case though. I've never talked to him about why are you the way you are type thing. The only reason why I say that is because you're talking about a guy that goes out there, he's plays, he scores touchdowns, he hands the football [back], he celebrates with his team. He's just everything that you want and just does take advantage of every opportunity that he's been given. So, I don't know. I'm sure when you ask him, he'll be able to tell you that. I'm not sure. I don't see him as that type of guy that looks to outside recognition to develop or to influence what he does."

(On this week's starting quarterback) "What we're doing is we told both players, Mike [Glennon] and Gardner [Minshew II], we're going to split the reps and see how practice goes. We're doing that in a couple different [positions]. They're not the only position. We're looking at some other players and saying, 'Hey, whoever has the best week of practice [will play]' and make sure we get the right guy out there that can do the game plans that we need to to win. We have a competition going on and we'll see who does well. Today's not a big day obviously. Tomorrow will be a big evaluation and then Saturday will be an evaluation."

(On the Chicago Bears defense) "They do a lot. [Bears Defensive Coordinator] Chuck [Pagano]'s been a really good defensive coordinator. They have a bunch of good players there. I think that they're strong, they can hold a point, they can rush the passer, they have good coverage ability, so I think that they're good. They have all three levels, a linebacker that can makes plays all over the football field, so they have some guys there. Like I said, these teams that are in the hunt for the playoffs, they're good football teams. They're going to come in here hungry. It's obviously a big game for them and it's a big game for us of what we want to accomplish to each other. Like I said before, when you're going through this, and I told the players today, there's a lot going on on the outside, whether it be rumors of change or draft status. I told the players that at the end of the day, we just have to concentrate on what we're concentrating on and the best thing we can do for each other is pull together, keep doing what we're doing, and go out there and make plays and win a football game."

(On people rooting for the team to lose for draft status and the long-term future) "That's what I addressed with them [the players] today because I had gotten those questions on Monday. To say I don't understand it [isn't true]. Like I said before, when I was growing up, I was a Detroit Lions fan and the NFL Draft to me is bigger than any other draft really. Obviously growing up a baseball fan, there's 100,00 rounds in [the] baseball [draft], right? So, that was never big and that person had to go through the farm system. I was thinking about it after we got off the call on Monday, I was like, 'Man, I was rooting for it because I wanted the Lions to draft Billy Sims in 1980 and when they got the first pick, I was all fired up because I knew they'd take Billy Sims.' Then I started thinking to myself, there I was a kid, I never took into play what those coaches and players on that team must be feeling. For the first time, I looked back, and I look at myself now, I'm coaching and this stuff's going on and it's kind of the same feelings I had when I was a kid rooting for my favorite team. I always wanted to make sure [everyone knew] that I understand it and I don't judge that. I don't look at that. I told the players today that obviously that's a lot of talk now, obviously [with] what's gone on. I told the players about [how] we don't know what the future holds, we don't know what tomorrow holds, but we're in here today and our job is to go out there and win and that's the best thing we can do for each other. I told them, I said, 'When you're not winning football games, there's going to be a lot of talk out there and you have to understand that. It's what we brought upon ourselves.' To go ahead and battle, to try to be argumentative and what people that love the program and love the Jacksonville Jaguars and what they're feeling, it's their right and I understand it. I don't really have a feeling either way. I'm not pissed off or I'm not overly excited about it. I'm focused on this team, these coaches, and trying to win this game, so that's kind of how I look at it."

(On young players getting opportunities with injuries, etc. this season) "I'd really have to kind of look at the list because I don't want to miss anyone, but I can say that Doug Costin, yes, Daniel [Ekuale], talking about the d-line, [Adam] Gotsis, we brought him in here to play. Those two players that were free agents that had gotten opportunity [took advantage of it]. I thought [Greg] Mabin and Sidney Jones [IV] that weren't even on the roster beforehand have gone out there and played a lot. Sidney's obviously out. [Chris] Claybrooks was a surprise because of where we picked him and what we wanted him to do and then all of a sudden, he started playing corner. We know he can play corner and nickel, so he's taken advantage of that. I'm trying to think of the offensive side. Obviously outside of James [Robinson], I think everyone we kind of knew coming in what they had. I think those are the guys right off the top of my head."

(On an injury update) "Sidney [Jones IV], I think it will be tough, like I said before. James [Robinson], what we're going to do is we're going to rest him I think, be cautious with him, but obviously he's already said he wants to play and feels like he will play. That's him speaking. Collin [Johnson], I think it will be tough for him. That's pretty much it. The rest of the guys are on COVID [reserve list]."

(On former Jaguar and current Chicago WR Allen Robinson II) "A-Rob [Allen Robinson II]'s a great receiver and we know that. He's highly competitive, he has a good catch radius, he can run well, he runs routes well, he's tough, he can block. He's everything that you're looking for, so obviously he's a tough matchup and T-Gip [former Jaguar and current Bears S Tashaun Gipson Sr.]'s back there. T-Gip's been with us and we have a ton of respect [for him]. He's played at a high level when he was here and he's still playing at a good level. You see these guys as you go around on teams, like all of us that have been coaching for awhile or you're coaching on different types of teams and you come in. It's always good. I think you always like it when they're doing well because obviously if you've coached them you want them to do well. You just hope when you're playing against them, they don't do as well as they've been doing."

(On what QB Gardner Minshew II and QB Mike Glennon can show this week to earn the starting role that they haven't shown yet this season) "I don't know. That's the question. I want to see which one can execute the game plan better during the week to feel that we give us the best opportunity. I think when I look at both of them, there's pluses and minuses with both and knowing that I'm trying to get the best I can of who has the best week and gives me the best odds of playing the best on Sunday. That's what I'm trying to get done there. There's a couple other positions, we're looking at a couple of other guys to see if they can help us that haven't played before to compete this week to see who plays well. Like I said, we're just going to keep looking and keep trying to put the best people in that we can win, not put people in there just to see what they can do, but just keep pushing everyone as much as we can to get ourselves over the top. It's not been good enough. You can do this at multiple positions, but that's a critical one. I just want to make sure we're putting the right guy in there rather than come out and say it and stick with it and then maybe go back and forth during the week. I'd rather just open it up and see who does the best."

(On RB James Robinson's status) "I was talking about today. We're going to rest him today. We'll come back tomorrow and do some stuff with him. He wants to practice, that's a coach's decision that we're just keeping him back because today's just a lot of walk throughs. He wants to play, so we'll get him out there on Thursday, see how he runs around. He's not limping, not doing anything like that. I feel good talking to him that he's going to play, so I was talking more about today than about the game status."