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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, December 30, 2020

(On LB Joe Schobert's performance this season) "Individually, I think after the season's over, we can talk about players individually. I think it's difficult now to [say]. We're happy obviously. Joe [Schobert]'s been there. He's played every game. He's been available. He's done a good job with his communication. But at the end of the day, it's kind of tough. What I mean by it's tough is that where we are in our record, it's tough to really get to down to the individual performance because obviously some players have done a good job, but overall, we haven't. That's on all of us, so I don't want to present something like, 'Okay, this guy did well. This guy didn't. That's the reason why we're here.' I think after the season's over, that's something easily that we can talk about. But Joe's been available, and I always appreciate that if you're available and playing. Like anything else, there's some good plays, some bad plays that you want back, but the consistent from all of us [isn't there]. Myles [Jack] has played at a really high level as well as James Robinson, but at the end of the day, collectively we haven't done that. So, it's difficult to go ahead and talk about one and not talk about some other guys that have done a good job, but I think that after the season, that wouldn't be a problem at all."

(On the Colts offense) "I don't know if the two tackles will be back or the two guys that went in last week against Pittsburgh [will play]. [They] did a nice job when you have [Steelers LB T.J.] Watt out there. [It's] still the same thing: they're explosive, they can run, [Colts QB] Philip Rivers still does a good job, he can still push the ball, [Colts WR] T.Y. [Hilton] can still run, [the] tight end's a good player, and they challenge you. They challenge your coverages, they challenge it. Philip knows where to go with the football. He knows where the weak spots are, and they do a nice job. I know they got caught last week, they had won three or four games in a row prior to Pittsburgh. We know that we're going up to Indianapolis and they have a ton to play for. I feel like we as a team, even though people on the outside are looking at it like the season's over, this is it, but we're not approaching it that way. We're approaching it as it's a big game."

(On what the team did well against the Colts in Week 1) "I think we made some plays on fourth down to change the possession, which was good. You watch that game going back and look at Myles [Jack] made a bunch of plays in a row to really help us. I think there's some things that we have to do a better job of, especially in their screen game. I thought they did a really good job against us with their screens and they've continued to do a good job throughout the year. We're going to have to play well and then obviously with the matchups. We had two picks in that game. CJ Henderson and Andrew Wingard had two picks in the game. CJ Henderson had a bunch of pass break ups that game which really helped us. We're going to have to play well at those positions and try to duplicate the same thing. PBU's, turnovers, those are the things that helped us in the first game."

(On the starting at quarterback on Sunday) "We're just going to keep it the same with Mike [Glennon] and Gardner [Minshew II] will be ready."

(On if younger players will get more playing time this week or if he'll stick to the starters) "We're going to do everything we can to make sure that the players that are out there give us the best chance to win from the first snap to the last snap."

(On an injury update on RB James Robinson) "I was holding out hope. I really was, but it doesn't look like he's going to be up for our game. I think that's safe to say that he'll be out. I could never, ever say enough about that guy. I mean I really can't about how hard he tries. He wants to come back. He wants to play. I think he's short of some type of record by like 20 something yards. If anyone deserves to get that [he does]. [It's] 35 yards. So, he's out. Collin Johnson's out. The only one I'm not sure about is DJ Chark [Jr.]. That's the only one that I don't have a good feel for that could go either way. Everyone else though should be fine."

(On watching the NY Knicks) "As a kid growing up, I know Christmas is gone, I used to love watching the Knicks every Christmas day. That was one of my deals, but those days are over."

(On preventing the team from giving up on the last game of the season and if he's ready for the season to end) "I think it's hard to say. It's been tough, it's been challenging. I think to answer the question with the first one, the one foot outside the door situation with the players, they haven't been like that. They're not going to change this week. I really believe that as we go forward. As far as for me as a coach, when you're not doing well, you don't ever want it to end. You want to try to keep getting opportunities and try to keep winning. I think that's what's important, so that's the competitiveness that you want. You don't want to say, 'God, I can't wait for this to be over and then we'll see what happens' and then kind of reboot, reboot, reboot. Shit, I like to keep competing every single week and keep playing, keep playing. We just run out of opportunities to practice and get better and do things. We have one opportunity to perform on Sunday. That's how I've always approached it. I don't like looking at the end because it's sad no matter what type of year you have, especially in this league because there's so much change. Like I said, I take things day by day. I don't try to look too far [in the future] and I don't try to look too back in the past. I just try to do the best job I can so the players and the coaches [do too]. I told the team today, I'm not taking responsibility for holding it all together because that's something that one person can't do. But I give a lot of credit to the players and the coaches. I'll say it again, we've not had one issue, zero with anything. You guys are out there, you see how they come out. They come out and practice. They work hard. It's just the results aren't there, and I understand that."

(On if he will be emotional at this weekend's game) "You know me. I'm just such an emotional guy. I love hugging and touching and touchy feely. No. I've always approached this game the same way I've approached it in an approach of doing the best. I think that obviously there'll be change. I don't know [how]. I'm not informed of anything like that, but obviously there's going to be a lot of change going on. But my whole focus is [to] try to get this win. I don't know how I'll feel after the game. Honestly after the game, I might look at it differently, but right now I'm putting everything into trying to get this win and ending the season with a win. That's where all my emotion and everything is generated. I've always said the one thing I've always been able to do my whole entire life, maybe that's because you grow up in the Bronx, I'm able to block shit out, literally just really focus in and kind of really hone in on what the opportunity is and what the job is and not let anything else really come into play. That's how I feel like I'm approaching this week and [it's] no different than I've approached every week."

(On if players and coaches will be able to block out the outside factors as well as he can) "I don't think so. I think that's a great gift that I have. But no, I do address it. That's the one thing I think I've learned throughout the years as a head coach is you address things that, kind of like how you guys say, you think they might be feeling. 'You might be feeling this way, but we've come this far. This is what we need to lock in on. This is what we need to do for each other.' That's how you're talking to the coaches and you're talking to the team. You can't control what's going on when they're not here. You really can't, but you do have somewhat of a control over the environment and the atmosphere that you want to put the players and coaches in. That's what I try to make sure that I recognize, the issues that may be occurring with everyone. I try to address them. I try to give them an example [of] how I address it personally. Not everyone's going to think the way I do, but that's the type of management style that I've always had with the team. Just trying to make sure that you address these things, understand, show them that I know a lot of people are going through a lot of stuff, but this is what we need to do for each other. I think that goes a long way, where some people will go the other way and not ever address it and it just hangs out there and then people don't really know how to focus on what they need to do because there's so many other outside distractions. I think that's something I've learned throughout the years, a long time. I've been fortunate that I've had mentors or people when I was a player that would just come in and just tell you exactly what's going on and cut through all the BS."

(On if he's had these conversations with his family) "They've been out of town. They've been with my mom on Christmas and they're up visiting her [his wife's] parents."

(On if his family left the dogs with him) "Of course. I have to take care of two dogs."

(On the decision to start QB Mike Glennon this week) "We just feel like it gives us a good chance [to win] and we can operate and see where it goes. Honestly, I don't think any one decision on the quarterback, or any other position, is really going to move the needle one way or the other. If it did, then obviously we would make it, but we don't feel that way. Let's go in there and let's try to take advantage of some things."