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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

(On an injury update) "Dakota Allen, DJ Chark [Jr.], and Tyler Eifert won't be on the field today. Everyone else will be practicing in somewhat of a role and we'll see how it goes once everyone else will be out there. So, DJ, we'll just see how he feels tomorrow and Dakota on Thursday and then Tyler, we're scheduled for him to practice on Friday. That's what we're doing."

(On having a fifth different kicker this season) "No, I can't remember anything like this. I don't think anyone has been though anything like this as far as the people here, whether it's [Special Teams Coordinator] Joe DeCamillis, [Assistant Special Teams Coordinator] Mike Mallory, or any of the other coaches, so it's unfortunate. I mean, obviously, you want to be able to do a better job of coming in there when you have an opportunity, but I think there's a lot that goes into it. Unfortunately a lot of the other players that we've had have been injured or have gotten injured, which is crazy in that regard. But John Brown's coming in here and we worked him out, he looked good, and [I] guess we'll just have to see when he goes out there on Sunday. But there's a difference. I think that the one thing about that position that I've kind of learned through my experience is you can go out there and look good in practice but I think it's a whole different ball game when you go out there on a Sunday and then the pressure [be]comes involved. I think it kind of gets overlooked probably a little bit to maybe what [Josh] Lambo has done here and maybe some of the other kickers around the league. I think it's one of those things, you go in there and we can see it a lot with other positions, but that part of it is a big part of it. That being able to go in there and be able to relax yourself and be able to go in there and kick and put it through the uprights is more difficult than going in your back yard and just trying to kick a field goal. So I think there's a great appreciation for that and I think we'll see how John does because he hasn't done that before."

(On if having the lowest run percentage in the NFL is a concern)" I think a lot of it's dictated to the games and being behind sometimes, so I don't look at it from that standpoint as far as a concern. I look at it as more of what we're trying to accomplish and being more balanced. Like I said before, I think it's something that we're going to continue to work on and continue to try to do a better job of trying to see what the right balance is. Kind of what I said on Monday, whether if you come out throwing and loosen them up and then come back to the run game. When you come back to the run game, get them there and start throwing. I think there's a lot that goes into it. So, to answer your question, when you say concern, it's something that we can control to some regard, outside of the score. I look it at more when the games are close and we're not behind by more than two scores of where it goes because a lot of times in this league, you might be 60-40 pass-oriented going in that fourth quarter and usually the team that has the lead, then you'll see some more running because now it comes a time during the games where you're playing not against an opponent necessarily, but against the amount of possessions that you can have in a game. But I think for us, we've been talking about it this week."

(On balancing the work load between RB Josh Robinson and RB Chris Thompson closer to the end zone) "I think what we've been trying to do is again, we've been trying to… James [Robinson] is a guy that really came on the scene and we all know how good he's been playing and really trying to bring him along, really not trying to overwhelm him with everything. We have different packages for different players, the same with the tight end, but again, I don't disregard [that] there should be looking at seeing putting him on the field more. I think that he does a great job. He works extremely hard. He's very smart. Now it's just a matter of making sure that we have some type of balance with what we want to do with the players and in situations like that, be able to get him in there a little bit more. I don't disagree with that."

(On CB Sidney Jones earning more playing time or a starting spot) "I think he's had that ability to earn all those things that you just mentioned. I think that it's unfortunate; coming out of college, we all really liked him, obviously a lot of teams liked him. He went high in the draft and then he had an injury and sometimes when you have those injuries, it just takes a while to get back. Even when he first came here, I don't know if he was completely [healthy]. I don't want to say that he was still injured. I just think the confidence that you need when you come back from an injury, especially when you're a young football player like Sidney is. Then all of a sudden you see him moving better, you see him break, and you see him doing things, and you're like, 'Wow, this is great. I'm excited for him,' and then to see him go on the field. I remember talking to him telling him how excited I was for him to go out there and be able to show what he can do because I'm sure he's probably disappointed with the injury situation that happened earlier that he wasn't able to go out there and preform at his highest level. I think you saw what he has the ability to do. When you see someone go out there and perform like that and do a lot of really good things, obviously you're going to look to him and say, 'Hey listen, is he going to play more? What are we going to do?' So we'll work on that during the week."

(On if he's frustrated with the results despite the level of effort on the field) "There's a guilt feeling I have. There's a pit in my stomach feeling that I have that I can't find a way to figure out how to get these guys to put them from back to back to back to back. When you love the team and you have confidence in them and you see the way they work, you see what they do, to try to get them to make plays at key times in games and try to get them to be consistent, you're constantly trying to find ways to do that. I don't want to make it sound like I'm frustrated from a standpoint of I'm mad or pissed off or anything like that; that's not how I feel. I feel hurt that I'm not able to do my job and bring them all together to be consistent."

(On what they are expecting from the Detroit Lions this weekend) "They're going to come in here, they'll be ready to play. I think we understand that but I think, like I said before in answering John's question, I think really our focus is on ourselves and how we can play at a consistent level going out there. Like I said, these guys play hard. They work during the week and [we're] just trying to get these back to back plays. I told them these are the things that we're working on. We're working on just gradually building up to this week on Sunday and trying to win the day or win the meeting, win the play, win all these things that we're doing that we can go out there and put a complete game together and come together in all three phases. So that's really what our focus is, no disrespect. We know Detroit has some really good football players. We know that we have some tough matchups and challenges all along in all three phases, but at the same sense, we acknowledge that they're going to come in here ready to play, but we're really focused on ourselves."

(On if he's using WR Laviska Shenault Jr. the way he planned as more than just a receiver) "I think it's fun to have a player like him. I think he can do it in a lot of different things. I still think he's a young player. He's a guy that is a highly motivated competitor. I think you see that on game day. I think he's someone that when he gets the football, you know he's going to fight for all those extra yards. He's very difficult to tackle. So I think it's still challenging for us just to make sure that we put him in all those right situations and get him going. He's been limited a little bit during the week, so that might have taken a little bit off his plate from some things, but as he becomes healthier and healthier, then I think you'll see more and more from us [as far as] what we can do with him."