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Jaguars Line Backer Joe Schobert: Thursday, November 12, 2020

(On if he was a Green Bay Packers fan growing up) "Very accurate wild guess."

(On Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) "Growing up as a Packer fan I was spoiled with Brett Favre, transitioned to Aaron Rodgers for my whole childhood watching them play. He's just done a lot of great things in Green Bay. He's been MVP of the league multiple times, probably has a case for multiple more. As you get into the NFL and you understand how hard the game is and how fast and how good defenses are and defensive backs are, [it] makes you appreciate it a little bit more that he's still doing it at such a high level when he was doing it for a long time since I was in third, fourth grade. But at the same time, you're up here and you see things on film, you realize he's a person. He's made mistakes. He doesn't make as many mistakes as some other people, but he's still a person, can still be affected by pressure, throw some balls that are up for grabs. So, we just have to be ready to take advantage of it because he will give an opportunity. He's a human just like the rest of us."

(On balancing pressure and coverage against QB Aaron Rodgers) "I think you just have to know how the game's going, have to have a feel for it. If you're pressuring and your pressures are getting home, any quarterback is going to be thrown off their game. Obviously he's great at recognizing defensive looks and recognizing pressures and coverages, so you have to do your best to be able to disguise that from him and keep him guessing, just second guess, clutch the ball a little bit longer. Growing up watching him a long time, he will hold the ball in the pocket. He will try to scramble and extend plays because he can make all the throws and he wants to make all throws, so he'll hold the ball in a little bit long sometimes and give people opportunities to get sacks. We just have to be able to take advantage of it."

(On the defense's ability to stop the run) "I think, especially last week, we've definitely taken some steps forward. I think when you have everybody on the field healthy and ready to go, we can be a great run defense. It always has to be you have a next man up mentality just the way the season's gone, not only here but across the league with injuries, COVID lists, and all that. The team that's able to handle that the best, able to plug guys in and have no drop off is going to do best. I think we've struggled with that a little bit, but we've gotten better as the season's gone on and I think [we're] taking steps in the right direction. Like you said, this week the Packers have a great running attack. They want to run the ball even though they have Aaron Rodgers in the backfield. Their running backs are talented, and they have a stable of them, so we really have to be locked in come Sunday."

(On LB Myles Jack's performance this season) "Hopefully he gets the recognition he deserves, obviously he's missed a couple games and the situation we're in just in terms of our record. But when he's in there and he's healthy, he's been playing hands-down some of the best football I've ever had the privilege of playing next to a guy with. He's been in this system for a long time, so just from a personal level on the field, [it's] just good to be able to talk back and forth due to this is just my first year in the system. He's played my position before so it's like communicating with two 'Mike' linebackers out there. He's able to just go run and hit the ball and he does that exceptionally well."

(On his wife Megan's TikTok videos) "Out of all the things to come out of COIVD, I think that might be one of the most surprising. The fact that she's garnered some attention on TikTok, it's funny that she comes up with these ideas. She's [has] an elementary special education degree background, dealt with kids a lot in college, and was a dancer teacher in Cleveland for a long time and always a very creative person. Obviously with COVID and moving and having a baby, there hasn't been a lot of time for her to get out and do some of the creative ventures that she used to. I think this is just a little outlet that she's been able to find and use and [she's] done a great job. She enjoys its but at the same time now, she feels like she's getting a little writer's block in terms of posting stuff. She like, 'Ugh, I can't post things every day. What are my fans going to think?' and all that, so it's kind of funny to watch on the side and be a willing participant when my name's called upon as well."

(On being the subject of his wife Megan's TikTok videos) "It's all in good fun. She does a good job with it and like I said, it's just good to see her having her creative juices flow and put stuff out there and being able to enjoy something in times like this."

(On returning to Wisconsin this weekend having grown up in Waukesha, Wisconsin and played college football at Wisconsin) "Obviously I grew up there, played college football in Wisconsin, it's always going to be home for me. [I] grew up a huge Packers fan. It stinks, it's unfortunate that Lambeau field will be empty, but just going to Lambeau Field, driving through the neighborhood when you get there and it just looms over some of the houses as you turn the corner. It's a historic place to play. You feel the history when you get to the stadium and it's always somewhere I love to play at. I love to just be in the environment and would love to get a win in Lambeau, especially with these guys this year."

(On when he has played at Lambeau field) "My first game ever my rookie year in the preseason, it was the first time I played at Lambeau and then we played the Packers in Cleveland I think my second year. So, I only played at Lambeau that one time, but that memory will stay with me for a long time, walking on the field for the first time suiting up in an NFL jersey."

(On his record against the Packers) "I cannot remember the score of the first one. I think we lost the first one and then we should've won the second. That was the year Aaron Rodgers got hurt, my second [year] when they played in Cleveland. We lost in overtime and we were up 21-7 in the fourth quarter. It was a heart breaker, unfortunately. This year will be the first [win], hopefully."

(On if he has swapped jerseys with any Packers players) "No. I think I knew somebody on the team, but this year we're playing [Packers LB] Christian Kirksey. Kirko's on the team, I played with him in Cleveland for long time, so he's somebody I'd love to swap a jersey with, have a Packer jersey on the wall."

(On his pick to win the 2020 Master's this week) "I'm borrowing this cap, but I am a golf fan. I think the Master's in the fall is going to be something extremely interesting to watch. I was just talking before this interview, but I'm the biggest Jordan Spieth fan in the world. It's been a rough three years for him and for being a fan of his, but he always plays well at the Master's and I'm hoping he'll be able to pull some magic off like Tiger [Woods] two years ago, just a good story, something like that. I'm always going to be pulling for Jordan Spieth out there."

(On how far his hometown is from Lambeau Field) "Three and a half hours not on game day. On game day it can be a lot longer just going up [Interstate] 43 there."