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Jaguars Quarterback Jake Luton: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

(On his approach preparing for this weekend's game) "I'm focused on myself. I'm focused on our team. [I] stepped back out on the practice field today and felt a lot more confident, felt like practice went really well. I feel like [I'm] just trying to build on what I did on Sunday and I think today was a good step in that direction."

(On playing against Packers QB Aaron Rodgers this weekend) "It's pretty surreal. He's a guy I have a lot of respect for, was a big fan of growing up and a huge fan of his game. A lot of things that he does, no one else really can do. He's a wizard with the football in a lot of ways. Like I said, [I have] a lot of respect for him. It'll be really exciting to get out there and get to play ball against him."

(On what went well and what he can improve on from last week's game against the Texans) "I mean I think there's a lot of things I can build on. Watching the tape, I think just continuing to work through my reads fast and getting one from one guy to the next I think is something I can continue to build on. But there's lots of things, lots of small footwork things, footwork in the run game, and reads that you can just keep cleaning up week to week and [I'm] hoping to build on that this week."

(On if he wishes that fans were allowed at Lambeau Field this weekend to get the full experience) "Yeah for sure. It's somewhere I've dreamed of playing. Lambeau Field is pretty historic, pretty awesome. It'd be real cool if it was rocking, a lot of people cheering against you. So, it'll be a little different with it being empty but I'm sure it'll still be awesome. It'll be a cool moment to step out on the field and take it all in."

(On if he was a Packers fan growing up) "I wouldn't say I was a Packers fan, but I grew up a big fan of [Brett] Favre and then [Aaron] Rodgers stepped in and I was a big fan of Rodgers, so [I] definitely watched the quarterbacks that have played there over my childhood."

(On if his family plans on attending more of his games) "We'll see. I'm not totally sure. I'm taking it week to week. They can't come this week, so I'm sure I'll see them again. My brothers had a really good time, they were really excited, and I think all of them just wanted to stay out here, so I'm sure they'll be trying to bug my mom to get back down here again sometime soon."

(On his relationship with his youngest brother) "It's awesome. I've kind of been away the whole time he's really been alive; I've been playing college ball. His whole entire life he's traveled around to my games and just knowing me as kind of the big brother that he goes to watch play football. Now that he's getting a little bit older and he understands a little bit, this past weekend was pretty special. When I got off the field, I gave him the wristbands I wore during the game and I don't think he's still taken them off. They were sweaty and gross, and he was loving it. He was wearing them anyways, he didn't care. It's a really cool relationship."

(On the leadership of WR Chris Conley) "Chris [Conley] is a guy I have a huge deal of respect for. [He's] one of the best leaders I've ever come in contact with on any team and in any facet of life. He's a great guy, stand up guy and he's a good player too. You saw it, he stepped in, he did a great job. [He's] a guy that I talked with today just working on somethings, how we can keep building, keep getting better. But [he's an] awesome dude, awesome player and I'm excited to keep working with him."

(On what he's expecting from the Packers defense) "I think a physical brand of football. I think that's kind of what they pride themselves in. They're a physical football team and watching them on tape, I think they're pretty solid all over the place. I don't think they have a glaring weakness. I think they have a good front seven, good DBs, and they're going to try to bring it to you. They're going to try be physical, so we're going to try to do the same thing. We're going to go up there and play physical football and implement the run game and try to have some success in the pass game where we can find it, but I think physicality is kind of the name of the game this week."

(On his biggest regret in last week's game) "I mean I think every single game you play, you're going to have those things. You can stay hung up on it and really sulk on it or just try to build. I think that there are several things. I think there's something in every play I'd like to have done a little bit differently. We went and we looked at it, obviously there's some throws that I'd like to have back and some reads I'd like to get through a little bit quicker, but I think that's football. I think there's guys that have been in the league for 20 years that they still watch it, and they wish that they could change something. They work every week to change it and that's what I'm going to do. [I] got back on the practice field today, trying to move a little bit faster, a little bit quicker through my reads, and all those things so we can build on it this week."