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Jaguars Quarterback Mike Glennon: Sunday, November 29, 2020

(On what Cleveland's defense did that frustrated him today) "I feel like I threw the ball well. Just came up a little short on the two-point conversions, and I think that's the difference in the ball game. I wouldn't say – they played the way we thought they were going to play. I felt good out there seeing what they were playing, so I don't think there's anything they did. We just came up short on two two-point conversions."

(On what it's like throwing to a target like Collin Johnson with his height and skills) "Me and Collin got a lot of work together through training camp. He's a big target, he's easy to find, and there's not many receivers in the NFL that are his height – I don't even know if there's any. He had a great game. That touchdown I threw – I didn't know he had that kind of burst. I figured it was going to be a big completion. The next thing you know he turns a corner and takes it to the house. He had a really good game."

(On how he would describe his first game in over a year) "Yeah, I think it felt good to be out there again, good to be competing on the biggest stage in the NFL. Overall, I felt good, I didn't feel rusty. Like I said, I felt like I was seeing it well, throwing it well, getting the ball out on time, felt in control and in command. I'm sure I'll watch some tape and there'll be some balls I wish I had back. Overall, I felt good."

(On if he feels he's done enough to play next week or later in the season) "It's not my call. It's up to Coach Marrone or whoever makes those decisions."

(On what did he see from James Robinson today that he might not have noticed from the sideline) "I don't think there's really anything that felt different. I just think James is the real deal. He's a legit starting running back in the NFL. The thing I love about James is he doesn't take – he never has lost yards. He's always falling forward, he turns what could be 2nd-and-10s into 2nd-and-6s, and those add up over time. He keeps the game in manageable situations, and he's a special talent. How he fell to out of the draft, I have no clue. We are lucky to have him because he's one of the better backs in the League."

(On his perspective regarding both two-point conversions) "Yeah, the first one trying to give Keelan [Cole Sr.] a chance and just kind of – we'll have to see on film, I don't know – just not on the same page type of deal. I don't know who's at fault, it's kind of irrelevant. The second one, I saw a bunch of bodies – I think I had someone open that I wish I would've seen, but I didn't see it and tried to escape and make a play, and unfortunately they made a good play on the scramble."

(On if he was happy with the decision to go for two earlier in the game) "It's an aggressive mentality. Now we're a 1-10 team, why not? I don't see anything wrong with it."