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Jaguars Quarterback Mike Glennon: Sunday, December 6, 2020

(On errant throw to WR DJ Chark Jr.) "Yeah, that's the play that I'll be replaying in my head all night, would love to have it back. Should've just checked the ball down there in that situation. [I] was trying to make something happen and [it was] not the right time and place to do that. So yeah, that one's on me and like I said, [it's] one I would like to have back."

(On whether he regrets the throw or the intent to make that throw to WR DJ Chark, Jr.) "Yeah, still, just in that situation, it's not worth it. It's a play that we're trying to take a shot on and the way the safety played, I should've just checked it down and went with the punt."

(On the touchdown play to WR Laviska Shenault, Jr.) "That was lucky. Got some luck, [it] went our way. But yeah, that wasn't a very good ball and it was just all luck."

(On chemistry with WR Collin Johnson) "Yeah, I've—really dating back to camp, he was kind of my guy in training camp. And he's stepped up and has made a lot of big plays. So I don't know if that has to do with our chemistry or just kind of that he's in the right place at the right time with my reads. Yeah, he's playing really well. I got hit on that go ball that he caught, but I think it must've been a great catch because—I couldn't see it, but the way that I threw the ball, I don't think it—it had to have been a good catch and [he] came up big with the play on the 2-minute drive to get us down to the 1-yard line or so. So yeah, I feel comfortable with Collin and hopefully we'll continue to build on that."

(On similarities between Buccaneers WR Mike Evans and WR Collin Johnson) "Obviously, if you field their size, Collin's taller, Mike is a little thicker and I guess you could say I'm a little bit stronger. But yeah, I mean, I think Collin will take that as a compliment if you said him and Mike Evans in the same sentence. So I mean, Mike, I sort of remember him as a kind of—he was a baby when he came in and turned into this great player. So hopefully Collin is already probably more mature and hopefully his career will continue to rise and take off."

(On whether this team feels like his team, as the starting quarterback) "Yeah, I mean, that's up to the coaches. I feel in control. I think I've developed a good relationship with the guys, taking command and kind of bringing, hopefully, a veteran presence to the team, just through my prior experiences and knowledge. But that's not my call."

(On the emotions from the sideline during the game) "I think, to me, wins [and] losses aside, I think you could sum up [the] 2020 Jaguars as a gritty group that gives it their all and have each other's backs. But there's no pointing fingers. So although we haven't won many games, it's a group that I'd love to go to battle with and I think everyone on the team feels the same way."

(On whether there is anger or frustration in the locker room, coming so close) "I haven't seen any signs of that. Like I said, it's a good group. I haven't seen any pointing fingers. It's all of us together and we win as a team, lose as a team. And I think the mentality is—that's kind of the mentality, we're all in this together. We obviously would love to win more games, but [there's] no pointing fingers. We can't fault effort. Just coming up, like I said, trying to… play hard, but come up short, one way or another."

(On whether he's surprised that the team is still at that level this late in the season) "I wouldn't say so. I mean, I think I touched on it earlier in the weak. I mean, it's our job. This is our job to come out here and give it our all. So to me it would be disappointing if it was the other way. So this is the expectation and the standard."