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Jaguars Running Back James Robinson - September 13, 2020

(On if he was surprised at the success he had from the first moment of the game) "No, I wasn't surprised. The way the O-line blocked today was amazing, and just having guys like that up front and opening up those holes like that, that makes it easier for our running backs. I really thank those guys up front."

(On his hurdle and if he had ever done anything like that before) "Yeah, I have, my senior year of college. I don't think I jumped like that before, but it was kind of like a little hurdle. Yeah, I have a few."

(On the energy the Jaguars got from the crowd) "It was pretty good, other than the energy from ourselves. I think it was pretty good to have the fans, just having fans there helping us out. I think, also as a team, we had a lot of energy going out, a lot of guys making plays, it was just great."

(On what his approach was for his NFL debut) "Just be myself, not try to change who I am and go and play my game. The coaches told me to just be you and that's what I did. I didn't go out there trying to be someone else and someone that I wasn't. I think, after the first carry, I was like, 'Okay, I ran it now. It's my first NFL game, but after that first play that's gone, now you've got to play.' I just went out there to be myself."

(On the immediate impact of the Jaguars' rookies today) "I think, we as a whole, we all wanted the same goal, just have a lot of energy and not have that many mistakes. Coming in as a rookie, a lot of people think you'll have a lot of mistakes, but I think all the rookies that played today were great. Guys on special teams, everyone just did great."

(On if his debut exceeded his dreams of playing in the NFL when he was a kid) "Honestly, just being out there, first NFL game as a rookie undrafted, it felt amazing. But I also just wanted to help my team win any way I could. Obviously a score would have been great, but the plays that I think I made helped my teammates out – even receivers told me, 'You made it easier for us.' It was great."