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Jaguars Running Back James Robinson: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On his thoughts on the offense and Jake Luton) "So I think the offense, as a whole, we did pretty well. From all the previous games, I think this was the best game we've probably had. From Jake, that was a great game by him. I mean, obviously, you guys saw it, and he just did great."

(On seeing a fellow rookie like Jake Luton step in and play that well) "It's just being comfortable and confident in himself. He showed everyone that he can do that, so I like it going forward."

(On what he has to say to all the teams that passed on him in the draft) "Nothing. I mean, I'm here now, but it doesn't really matter."

(On how the Jaguars' offense got comfortable with Jake Luton) "I think it's just, when we're at practice, it's just, you're still playing football. An NFL game's an NFL game, but you still have to go out there and play football. You're still playing against other guys (like) that. He might have saw things better (today) than he did at practice, but it was just more about being comfortable in practice so he could go out there and be comfortable in a game. We just have to, for us, to protect him. I think he probably got sacked a couple times, but other than that, just help him be comfortable when he goes in there."

(On if he feels a personal need to put more on his shoulders to open up the offense) "I just go with (what) the game plan is, and when I get the ball, I try to make a play every time. I think that's just what's going to help us. What I'm doing is good, but it's just not enough. We've all got to come together and find a way to win and get over that hump. Offense, I felt like we did pretty well today. The defense did pretty well too, but it's just that hump that we have to get over. We could have come out on top in this game, but we just came up short."