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Jaguars Running Back James Robinson: Wednesday, December 3, 2020

(On what it would mean to be elected to the Pro Bowl an as undrafted rookie) "I think it'd mean a lot to me and to my family as well. But I mean it's nothing I can control, so we'll see if it happens."

(On if expected to be a contender to make the Pro Bowl) "Coming in, I didn't really think too far ahead about that, but I knew what I could do and it was just getting an opportunity to do that."

(On the physical toll of being a running back) "Being in there, it's not as bad as it seems or it looks. When you have the linemen pushing you forward, it kind of makes it easier on your body."

(On the potential of receiving the Rookie of the Year award) "No, I don't think about it. It's the same thing with the Pro Bowl. Coming in, I didn't think about any of that. [The] biggest thing for me was to get on the field and just show what I can do and that I can play."

(On if having success as an undrafted free agent has given him a chip on his shoulder) "It was nothing I could control really. I mean I did what I could while I was in college and I mean it was on [teams] to draft me and they didn't but I mean I can't get mad about it because I knew I would go somewhere. I just kind of blow it off. I'm here now so it doesn't matter."

(On what had to happen for him to get his opportunity to be the starter) "I don't really know. I mean a lot of stuff has happened and yeah I got an opportunity but if things were different, you just never know how it would turn out because it hasn't happened."

(On the offensive line's role in his success) "I give it all to them, the tight ends, the receivers. Last game on the drive with that touchdown, I wouldn't have scored if it wasn't for them, so I give all the credit to them."

(On his relationship with the offensive line) "We talk. We always talk in the locker room, doesn't matter what it's about, it's not even about football most of the time. But other than that, yeah we talk a lot."

(On taking care of his body in an NFL season versus in college) "I think it's more of just like making sure you ice, get in the hot tub, cold tub, just those things. Those things help out a lot. I know in college we didn't have a hot tub, but we had like a big pool. But it's different. I have a lot of resources here that I can work with, so I mean I use them, and it helps out a lot."

(On when he'll realize the difference in maintaining his body at the professional level) "Once I play like a college season I would say. It's Week 12 coming up so it's basically a college season. We have a lot more games because five games is a lot of games left. I think it's just longer and everyone always tells me to take care of my body and that's what I have to do. They say do it early and that's what I'm trying to do."

(On reaching 1,000 yards rushing this year) "It would mean a lot. Every back wants to get over the 1,000-yard mark and I mean it's a goal for me, but without the linemen or anything I don't think I'd be close to that."

(On the team's approach to the final five games) "Go get a win. I mean not just a win but if we can win the rest, do that and I think that's the biggest thing because losing these close games sucks. I think it's just we have to have that winning mindset and I think that's what we have and there's just some weird hump that we can't get over. We're going into this game trying to get a W."