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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Sunday November 15, 2020

(On the defensing performing better today) "Honestly, yeah, we just came to play today, [had] a lot of energy. Like you just said, [we had] a lot of effort and guys just came out there ready to roll. We didn't want the weather to kind of be an excuse for us, so you know we were just jacked up, pumped. [It] was my first time at Lambeau Field so definitely we were just ready to roll, trying to get a win."

(On playing zone coverage more today versus in previous game) "17 [Packers WR Davante Adams] on the outside, he's definitely a dominant threat. We were just trying to do whatever we could to kind of just keep someone over the top of him. It was just a game plan thing I think against Green Bay. We did a really good job stopping the run as well in our seven-man front. I can't really speak on exactly why or what's better, man or zone, but I feel like we executed better today this Sunday."

(On the Packers' long touchdown reception) "Yeah, I was hoping to get him down. He kind of did the right move, kind of like just run directly at the ref while he was cutting back and I kind of just tripped up and ran over the ref. But [we] still just have to stop them at the beginning of the play, that's kind of just too far down field really. My job is to get him down but obviously we don't even want the explosive [play] to begin with."