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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Thursday, December 10, 2020

(On the challenges presented by the Titans pass game) "[They're a] really good ball club, familiar ball club because [they're an] in division opponent. They like to stretch the field with 11 [Titans WR A.J. Brown] and 84 [Titans WR Corey Davis] and they also have some good tight end threats with 81 [Titans TE Jonnu Smith] and 86 [Titans TE Anthony Firkser]. So, [they're] just a really big challenge. [We] have to have good eyes in the backend and watch out for the pass action shots. Obviously, they're going to try to hand the ball to 22 [Titans RB Derrick Henry], but [if] we take care of business in the backend, we should be successful on Sunday."

(On preparing for Titans RB Derrick Henry) "We know this guy. We know this guy's going to get the football a lot and he's coming downhill. We definitely have to execute, stay in our gaps, being just discipline in the run game. That's a big thing for us is to definitely knock out this run. We know he's getting the ball, so it's really just man on man, trying to match up and do our job on Sunday."

(On if he's ever gotten stiff armed by Titans RB Derrick Henry) "He didn't have that 6-4 arm out there, you know what I mean. He's coming around the edge at 250 pounds at 6-4, so he already has that length advantage. But I'm not trying to be on that tape. [I'm] trying to cut his legs down, get him down the best way I can. Definitely not trying to be on no stiff arm tape."

(On his cleats for the NFL's 'My Cause My Cleats' initiative) "I'm actually doing my foundation, just the Jarrod Wilson Foundation. [I'm] just trying to help out in the community and in the classroom either down here in Jacksonville or obviously at home in Akron [Ohio]. [I'm] really just trying to help anywhere I can."