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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Thursday November 12, 2020

(On watching Packers QB Aaron Rodgers growing up and now playing against him in the NFL) "He's as advertised. He's just a really big arm. He can make every single throw on the football field, just [has] a big arm. I only played him that once. That was actually my first game in the league, so definitely remember him, just [has] a big arm. I've been watching film on him all week and he definitely throws it up there and gives his receivers opportunities to make plays, so just his arm."

(On what makes QB Aaron Rodgers special) "I think it's his experience too. To have an arm like that, it's kind of like arm talent is key, but he's just experienced now. [I] think he's in over year 13, 14, I'm not sure, so he's seen everything. There's not anything that's going to go out there and surprise him, so it's really just kind of doing what you have to do, being in your right spot to make the plays and they'll come. I know he trusts his arm and he can make every throw and I just know his experience is what usually takes over for him."

(On formers Jaguars and current Packers WR Allen Lazard and TE Marcedes Lewis) "So [Allen] Lazard was here a couple years ago. [He's] just a big guy to be outside at a receiver, just a bigger bodied guy that has speed too that can definitely get behind the defense. Definitely Lazard is a really good player, still ascending. I know he's coming back from an injury or what not, so I expect to see him and I'm sure he'll be ready. But [he's] just a bigger guy, bigger target outside. Marcedes [Lewis] is just a true veteran. [I] learned a lot from him actually, went against him a couple times one-on-one with being safeties versus tight ends. [He's a] bigger guy, definitely a pro, vet, been around a long time."

(On how to beat Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) "I think honestly in the quarterback like this, like I said, his arm is definitely his positive, so he tries to make every single throw and that can probably sometimes hurt a quarterback. He trusts his arm no matter who's covering his receivers or whatever defense you're in. Like I said, just being on our fundamentals and being in our spots is a way to kind of make a couple plays against him for sure."

(On if he will use Packers QB Aaron Rodgers strengths against him) "Definitely. Like I said, he's seen everything. There's not anything that's going to be new out there for him to see. It's really just executing and being on the details of our defense that will help us."

(On teams going for it on fourth down more) "I don't mind. Defensively, I don't mind. It's just another rep, but I know from an offensive standpoint it's kind of just one yard. For a long time, I know I've been playing Madden and I don't punt on fourth down, so I don't mind going for it on fourth-and-1. Obviously, you know it's a gamble but the percentages are high and it's really just a yard so you just have to man up and get that one yard, however the case may be. Certain teams pass but I'm expecting them to be running on the fourth and one."

(On why teams are going for it on fourth down more in recent years) "Really just why not? You want to move those chains, you're right there, just a yard away. It's [There's] no really need to concede and play the field position game. Obviously, there are situations where you have to, but shoot, it's fourth-and-1, you might as well just grind it out for that yard."

(On using Madden for analytics) "I don't really play that much Madden as I have in the past. I don't really play Madden like that anymore. I just know growing up I never punted on fourth down regardless, so that's just how you do it."