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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Thursday, October 15, 2020

(On his assessment of CB Sidney Jones IV) "Pretty much since Sidney [Jones]'s got here he's been doing just a great job. Obviously, we're a press corner team, so I think he does a really good job of getting hands on and he's long outside, that's not typical of every corner. [He was] able to get his hands on a couple balls on Sunday which definitely helped it [the defense]."

(On the defense creating opportunities for the offense) "First off, I don't want to put it this all on me as far as me coming back and like giving a spark. I just really kind of tried to come in and do my job, but obviously, we kind of want takeaways. It gives our offense another opportunity to get points on the board, so that's a key of emphasis every week for our defense. We were able to do that on defense, but it didn't translate to a win for us, but same model for this week is [to] take the ball away from Detroit."

(On the challenge to communicate and play well with different players in the rotation every week) "Well, it's really just next man up. That's how football is so it doesn't really matter if the starter's in there or the backup. I've been a backup myself for a couple years and the same expectations are expected of you when you come in the game. So, I think, DT [S Daniel Thomas], he came in and did an amazing job for us. Brandon Watson has gotten reps. You've seen Myles [Jack] down. Dewey [Andrew Wingard] was starting, he did his thing. Pretty much [for] any guy in, it's next man up and everybody has a role and you just have to play it and execute."

(On the frustration of seeing the defense struggle from the sidelines) "Well, in general, I haven't been injured too many times in my life, knock on wood, but it definitely was tough just sitting back watching the guys. But for the most part, I was just really trying to get my hamstring as healthy as possible so I can get back out there. It was very difficult for me to watch but I'm just happy to be back with them and I just love our group. We just have to keep executing and try to get a win on Sunday."

(On the mindset of the team) "To speak for everybody, I know we're 1-4. It's not the panic button is being pushed, but just a sense of urgency. We obviously have been in a tough couple games last week and we're just trying to get a win, whatever that means, whatever that takes. So, team's feeling pretty good. There's no one down or in the dumps. We're just trying to find a way to figure this thing out and get a W on Sunday."

(On Lions RB Adrian Peterson's durability and long career) "It's amazing. I actually had a Fathead of Adrian Peterson on my wall growing up, so personally it means a lot. I mean he's one of my top favorite players of all time. I suited up against him before so I'm not going to act like a fan when I see him or anything, but I just have a ton of respect for the man. Obviously, [he's] just a tremendous athlete and one of the greatest running backs of all time. I'm just happy to get the opportunity to just play against him."

(On if he still has the Fathead of Adrian Peterson) "You know what? I don't know if I necessarily have it. It's at my mom's house though, but I definitely had that '28' in that Vikings [jersey]. That's my dog, AP all day for sure."