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Jaguars Season Ticket Member Spotlight: Kermite Bristow


Name: Kermite Bristow

Member Since: 2009

City/State: Jacksonville, Florida

Where did you grow up? Syracuse, New York

Favorite moment in Jaguars history? Our Jacksonville Jaguars comeback team against the

Buffalo Bills on November 7. With the outstanding plays that they made. Proud of them

Favorite Jaguars Player? (past or present or both!) Why of course our new energized young quarterback Trevor Lawrence. And as far as the past, don't forget the great Maurice Jones Drew.

What are some of your Gameday traditions? The military flyover of course, Saluting our great country and the men and women that protect it. A shout out to my stepdad James who fought in World War II and my real father Kermit that served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

And don't forget our favorite mascot, my favorite mascot Jaxon de Ville as he zip lines from the top of the stadium.

What is one item on your Jaguars bucket list? To one day attend one of the Jaguars London games joining our UK friends across the pond.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? To keep attending the Jaguar games and be a loyal Jacksonville Jaguars fan… Forever!

Tell us a little about your life outside of the Jaguars (family, pets, hobbies, etc.) My ongoing effort as a 1996 Olympic torch bearer by means of my book sales to support team USA as I have done in this past 2021 Tokyo Japan summer Olympics, and as I will be doing going forward with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. And yes as have done for many years. And by the way, thank you Jaguar staff for honoring a Jacksonville Olympic hero at the 49ers game. Now as a torchbearer, the two closest sports to my heart is the Olympics and my NFL Jaguars.

Best TV Show(s) to binge? FBI Files and of course, Jaguars All-Access.