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Jaguars Unveil 30th Season Logo


JACKSONVILLE – The votes are in, the celebration can begin.

The Jaguars on Thursday unveiled a newly-designed logo to commemorate their upcoming 30th season, a logo decided by fans in a month-long vote and symbolizing the franchise's three-decade journey since its 1995 inaugural season.

The Jaguars' 30th Season Logo is entitled "The Original," with fans having been offered four designs from which to choose.

The Original features distinct elements with a direct nod to franchise origins: a "30" with numbers in the design of the1995 expansion season uniforms, and a teal ribbon – a classic symbol of merit – designed with an upward arc representing the Jaguars' forward progress in Jacksonville.

30th Season Logo for Article

Most importantly, the team's primary symbol – the Jaguars head – is placed at the base of the logo to represent the foundation of strength and unity on which the franchise is built.

The Jaguars head has evolved, much like the franchise. Originally a rounded gold head with a splash of teal only on its tongue, it transformed into a "fiercer" and more realistic Jaguars head that amplifies the powerful characteristics of the cat. Wayne Weaver, the Jaguars' original owner, said at the time he told fans the tongue wasn't really teal.

"I told them it's a stain, because we've been feeding Panthers to our Jaguars," he said, referring to the other 1995 expansion team, the Carolina Panthers.

Jaguars Logos 30

The Jaguars previously have had special logo designs for their 1995 inaugural season, their 10th season in 2004, their 20th season in 2014 and their 25th season in 2019.

The inaugural season logo featured a gold circle with "1995 – Season of Firsts" around the original Jaguars head, with "Jacksonville Jaguars" above the head and with a teal "inaugural season" banner below the head.

The 10th season logo featured the Jaguars head in front of a black roman numeral X, with a teal 1995-2004 banner behind the head and the X.

The 20th season logo featured the Jaguars head atop a white "20," with the 20 trimmed with black and gold. The numbers sat with an outline of the Main Street bridge in the background, with a black banner – 1995-2004 – along the bottom of the logo.

The 25th season logo – in the shape of a shield – featured a white "25" over a teal sky over the Jacksonville skyline, all over the Jaguars head.

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