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Jaguars Wide Receiver Collin Johnson: Sunday, November 30, 2020

(On what unfolded on his TD play and if he thought he could make it) "No I knew I could make it. I saw the coverage was zone coverage and cover three so when I was making my way across, I knew there would be an opening in the zone and Mike [Glennon] threw a perfect ball. I just kept running and did the rest to help my team out."

(On if it was emphasized that the team was going to need him in order to win this week) "Oh for sure. With [DJ] Chark being down, [Chris] Conley being down, the next man up. We can't have a drop off so it's all about picking up where the older guys left off and continuing to not have a drop off. Like I said, so me and Laviska [Shenault], we made some plays today, but we have to continue to get better and learn from the film and just go from there."

(On being able to build chemistry with QB Mike Glennon on such short notice) "Yeah, so in practice often times Mike will go with the scout team and I'll help out with the scout team as well. It's easy to just think that's not a live rep, but you approach it with it's an opportunity to get work in and that you're building chemistry in practice. When our number is called in the game, I feel like it shows. You just have to take every rep in practice serious whether you're going with the ones, twos, scout team or whatever and I feel like that's what we were doing."

(On if we can expect this type of production from him moving forward) "I'm the type of guy that's just going to always work whenever my number is called. I'm going to do my best and I'm very confident that when I get more opportunities like today, I take advantage of them. I'm just going to be ready when my number is called."

(On whether he kept the ball after the game) "I don't know where that ball is, to be honest with you. I got my first one thanks to Keelan Cole, so I appreciate him for that because I let a lineman spike it and I couldn't find it until Keelan brought it to me. In terms of this ball, I don't know where it's at."

(On if he was impressed with what they were able to do despite the frustration faced with injuries) "Well, you know, I just know what type of group of guys we have in the locker room and they are all fighters. Regardless of what's going on, obviously we are dealing with a lot of adversity, injuries, losing, all that, it's not easy, COVID on top of that, it's not easy but we're just going to continue to fight because that's all we know and hopefully we'll catch a break one of these days."

(On if they'll use these last few weeks of the season to work out kinks for next season) "This is when you really find out what kind of person you are, when everything is going terrible. I just feel like you have to continue to fight. That was the message in the locker room after the game: we are doing this for each other. So, just continue to fight and continue to get better and that's pretty much the message: just keep working."

(On whether the 2-point conversion at the end of the game was called to go to him) "You know, my route was an arrow route on the opposite side of the field. But, when I saw him scrambling, everything is up for grabs and you just try to get open. That's what I tried to do. Mike [Glennon] gave me a chance, but I didn't come down with it. Just live and learn and continue to work and practice and next time I will get it."

(On James Robinson and how he epitomizes the team having a fighter's mentality) "Oh for sure. He's almost not human the way he, week in and week out, is able to perform and keep his body healthy. It's just impressive and motivating too, seeing an undrafted guy come in here and put up the numbers he's doing and being such a good teammate. It's motivating. He's a great guy for our locker room and just a beast."