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Jaguars Wide Receiver Keelan Cole: Sunday November 15, 2020

(On his punt return for a touchdown in today's game) "Honestly, I was worried about the wind and catching the ball more than anything. Luckily, the punter was outkicking the coverage, so it was less stress on catching it and getting hit and stuff like that. After that, it was really just executing what coach [Special Teams Coordinator Coach Joe DeCamillis] calls. He comes up with the schemes and we just run it. Honestly when it comes to punt returns and stuff like that, you just have to get the best opportunity and hope that the punter does exactly what he did and gives you space to run in. After that, it's really just running."

(On his receiving touchdown and Lambeau Leap celebration) "I saw nothing but [Packers players] and I just caught it and ducked. I'm not going to lie. [I] closed my eyes and was hoping I would just walk into the touchdown without getting hit, which happened, thank you. [It was a] great ball by [Jake Luton] zooming it past all the defenders. The' Lambeau Leap' was actually pretty lonely, but it was cool. Me and [DJ] Chark [Jr.] up there, sitting, hanging out with the invisible fans. [It was my] first time playing there, and it was a great experience, glad I got to do the, was it a Lambeau leap? [I'm] glad I got to do [the] Lambeau leap, wish I would have done it twice. I didn't think about it the first time at all. But definitely a good experience other than the cold. I didn't like the cold."

(On taking advantage of the opportunity with his increased role in the offense) "It feels good to know that your turn was going to come eventually and know that you prepped yourself for this time. [I'm] just glad that it didn't come to waste. It's easy to go hard and everything just not go your way, but it's good that everything is falling into place and I'm making the best of my opportunities and the coaches trust me to do that."

(On if it's disappointing to lose despite playing better this week) "Yeah, but that's the little things that we have to go in and get better at, which honestly has been happening throughout the weeks. We just can't finish it. Obviously, we can come up with a lot of excuses, but at the end of the day, we line up in front of them and we have to finish it. Really, we just have to finish. We're starting to figure out how to come out, how to be consistent throughout the game, and then we have to figure out how to finish it through, not even in the fourth quarter but the last four minutes of the fourth quarter."