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Lions Defensive Back Tracy Walker: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On if he paid any attention to the talk about head coach Matt Patricia's job being on the line and the importance of a win) "In that sense, it was definitely important because there's a lot at stake right now, but also, our season is at stake. Right now we're fighting to bring our season back. We're fighting for that playoff spot right now. Right now, we've just got to take it one week at a time and control what we can control right now. That's the outlook we're taking."

(On if it's tough to block out the talk surrounding the team) "Honestly, not really because it's just a love of adversity. We face adversity every day in everyday life. So, honestly, it's just a little more adversity that we can handle. I'm a firm believer that God puts things in your life that you have to work through. He would never put something on your plate that you can't handle."

(On the importance of getting a win to try to get on a roll with the upcoming schedule) "Like I said, all we can do right now is control what we can control and take one day at a time, one game at a time. Like I said, as long as we continue to keep up what we're doing right now, the sky is the limit. That's the outlook we're taking right now." 

(On playing close to home in Brunswick, Ga., and how meaningful it was to have a good game in front of friends and family) "I had a good little crowd. I had about 22 (people), my whole family, come out to the game, so that was a blessing in itself. I know a lot of my friends from home, so to allow them to watch me play live, especially with this whole COVID thing going on right now, like I said, that's a big blessing. I'm thankful for that opportunity. Like I said, we got the win and that makes it even better."